Opportunity Knocks: Saying Yes To Life!

Are you caught in the same old routine and do you long to do something different? Are you passing up opportunities for some reason, even though you would really like to get out there are do something new? Well, it’s time to stop, because we only have one life and it’s for the living, and you can’t do that if you are saying no to all those new opportunities that are coming your way. With this in mind read the post below that can help you to identify why you are missing out and how you can overcome these issues to lead a full and satisfying life.

Say yes to life!

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One of the biggest reasons that people say no to possibilities that come their way is because they feel they’re not mentally ready for them. For some people, it’s a trait of their personality and that they need a little time to mentally prepare if something new comes along. Something that is totally reasonable really, because you have to feel comfortable with the voice that you make in life and different people process thing’s different ways.


Although, instead of saying no flat out, why not create some more time in which to make up your mind. Tell the people that are inviting you that you are a ‘definite maybe’ for now. Alternately if it’s a festival or event that you need to buy a ticket for right away, why not get one and then sell it on later if you decide you don’t want to go? Then at least you are leaving the opportunity open.


For others, it’s finances that cause them to turn down possibilities. Of course, living beyond our means all the time is never a good idea and can lead to serious debt issue further down the line. However, sometimes a rare, once in a lifetime opportunity comes along and it would be very sad to not take it just because your finances aren’t quite where you would like them to be.

With this in mind, remember that there are some bad credit personal loan companies out there that you can turn to if you find yourself in this situation. Just make sure to look for one that is offering a low-interest rate and to not make a habit of paying for things like this. It’s really for rare and important opportunities only.

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Modern life can be tough! It can leave many of us exhausted, with barely enough energy to get up every morning and crawl to work, let alone go out and try new and slightly scary things! In fact, for some people, this is the reason why they say no to new possibilities because they just haven’t got the energy to commit to them.

However, this can be a silly mistake, because it’s actually the new and novel things in life that can give us more motivation and energy. It just a matter of getting over the initial inertia, to begin with. Something you can get some advice on doing here.

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