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Priceline Kooyong Classic 2018


What could be better than beauty, wellbeing, tennis, wine and food? Well, nothing really. So, when Priceline asked me if I would like to attend the Kooyong Classic with them on Tuesday the 9th January, of course I replied in the affirmative. My favourite beauty and wellbeing store combined with top tennis equals a big yes!

I started playing tennis at eight years of age and have loved it ever since. Although, I admit, I haven’t played for a long time but I still enjoy watching it. It was also at about that age, that I started to play with body products and putting on Avon kids nail polish.  See, beauty and tennis do go together and have been two of my favourite things since.

Two of other things that go together is Priceline and the Kooyong Classic! Hello, beauty and tennis! I was excited to see Raphael Nadal up close. If you get the chance, definitely head to the Kooyong Classic if you love tennis. It has a more intimate feel compared to the Australian Open. This means you are closer to all of the action. Unfortunately, Nadal lost his match to Gasquet but hopefully, he will do well at the Australian Open.

In between the tennis matches, you can head down to the Priceline Beauty and Wellbeing Lounge to get a makeup touch up using great products from NYX and Glam by Manicare, a massage, get your nails done or have a health check. All in an air conditioned setting with comfy chairs. Best of all, it is FREE.

Of course, I made use of a makeup touch up and also had some Glam by Manicare false eyelashes put on.

Overall, it was a fun day out. Great weather, tennis, Raphael Nadal, beauty, pampering and wellbeing all in one day! Oh and not to forget bubbles and food. Highly recommended you go and have a fun day out for yourself!

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