Pick Unique Yet Funky Gifts to Add an Enticing Element in Parties

Gifts are something that you often invest in, probably throughout the year for different reasons and occasions. Buying gifts for a birthday party or congratulation party can instantly turn into a daunting task if you have nothing in mind. However, you can explore some exciting options available, making it all easy for you. 

Types of Annoying yet Awesome Gifts 

Sometimes, you try to be unique and want to give something that is a little annoying for your friends. Some gifts can be exciting yet funny, but before planning such gifts, here are some options that you can opt for: 

Fancy Sand: There are numerous types of super-cool, fancy, and glittery sand available to choose from. Sand is too soft and sticky to be swept or vacuumed, so you can crawl it around or roll it up into tiny balls and play with it. It is a fun present yet can be irritating for some, as not everyone will like to have sticky sand on their clothes or furniture. 

Dog Car Seat Cover: Does your friend love animals, or own a pet dog? If yes, then you’d know they would do anything to make their pet’s life more enjoyable and comfortable. Gift them a seat cover to take their pet on long drives without worrying about the car seat. As per experts at Define Awesome, it is the best gift you can give to a dog-lover. 

Water-Play Games: Whether it is a squirt gun, a wet sponge that can be thrown around, or pulling rods out of a water-filled hat, games like these involve water, and most people love to water play. It’s sure to be the best game for kids or teenagers as well. 

Find the Perfect Gift for Everyone

Another vital aspect of gifts is whether the person you’re buying presents is a child or an adult. It is a lot easier to buy gifts for young kids as you can find toys at a local store nearby. They have different types of toy collection, so you can find what you need quickly. However, it gets a little overwhelming if you choose for an adult instead. It is always a good idea to consider their likes and interests when buying a present. This leaves a good impact and affects people’s perceptions.

Surprise Your Loved Ones with Presents 

There is no harm to be a little creative and cheesy with the gift wrap instead of handing it over in old casual gift wraps. Make it an exciting event for them by hiding the gift or sending your friend on a scavenger hunt around the house to find it. 


It is okay to get overwhelmed or confused while planning gifts, especially on a low budget. Being a little unique and exploring amazing sites online is an ideal way to buy gifts. Why to invest in those old school ways that people usually follow? Make it a little exciting and fun for your friends with unique and funny presents. 

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