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We have a new addition to our family! 

His name is Max (or as I call him, Maxie) and he is a Shihtzu poodle cross (shihpoo). Maxie had his 9 week birthday yesterday and is quite content with living with us now, well mainly because he is so spoilt I think. We all adore him.
Miss Kitty isn’t too impressed and has been sulking since we brought Max home, preferring to sleep with one of the boys instead of on my bed.
He is a little character and loves playing and bouncing around. It is the cutest.thing.ever when he runs! The boys love Max and Max gets so excited when they come home from school and work. Most days he spends his time at my feet, under my desk while I am working. He has been so good, very quiet… well except when we are playing with him and he bounces at you and barks.

So here are some pictures of our new baby… I have to warn you, there may be cuteness overload.

The day we got him:
Cuddling cow:
Where he spends most of his time:
Looking innocent:
Posing for me to take a picture (attention whore much?):
I’ll leave pimping out the cuteness for now and will give regular updates on how Max is going. What do you think of our new addition?

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