Making Christmas More Romantic


Christmas is coming, and we’re all very excited about it. However, too many people rely on it to connect with their family and relax with them, and that can happen at any time of year. Besides, despite how wonderful Christmas is, it’s often more focused on celebrating with the family as a whole unit. This can mean that your interpersonal love as a romantic partnership can take a back seat for a while. We’d argue that in order to squeeze the most out of the festive months, scheduling a few ‘date days’ with your loved one can help you make the most of this time off work, and become renewed in your love for one another.

Sure Christmas is coming, but it’s not the only way to show love. We’re here to give you some wonderful date ideas and gifts to help tell your spouse or partner you love them totally, rejuvenating your intense emotion before the new year rolls around. 


Gifts are often more of a Christmas interest, but you can still purchase items of worth that help translate your love for them. Jewellery, watches, and all show you care about how good they look and how confident they feel. It’s a great way to keep them feeling renewed for the new year. A flower delivery can also show the blossoming of your love and provides a gorgeous feature for your home.

Head To A Show

The end of the year is time for a spectacle. For both you and your spouse, heading to a show can be a wondrous way of celebrating. We’d recommend seeing something with plenty of energy. Head somewhere you might not originally have done. Instead of going to the cinema (despite how much your hubby might want to see Star Wars,) consider heading to the theatre, a show or a musical. This can help spur your creative ambitions with one another. There’s something very romantic about witnessing music and the fluidity and grace of the actors on stage.

There are so many fantastic shows on right now. In Melbourne, we have Phantom of the Opera, Joseph and the Technicolour Dreamcoat, Friends: The Musical Parody, Monet and Friends at The Lume, Moonlight cinema and a lot more. Sydney has Moulin Rouge! The Musical and there are always shows and concerts at the Sydney Opera House. Brisbane has Mary Poppins with Hamilton and Moulin Rouge opening early next year. Perth has some amazing concerts including (one of my favourite bands) Rufus Du Sol, The Proclaimers and the very funny, Alan Carr.

If you’re feeling adventurous, why not head somewhere different? Going to a comedy club can help you experience some deep down, hearty belly laughs, which are always completely healthy for a relationship (and our mental health!).

Head Away On Holiday or a Staycation

If you’re without children, heading on vacation can give you one of the best and most romantic getaways possible. Head to somewhere secluded where staying inside in the morning cuddled together is encouraged. If your children have grown, it might also be worth doing so. Heading on a holiday can also be a wonderful thing to experience. This is because the adventure you find will bind you together as a unit, and give you some awesome stories to tell.


With these tips, your pre-Christmas celebrations are sure to be a wonderful and romantic time.

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