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Roxie and her Yoghurt Plus

Our dog, Roxie is 3 years old and is a Golden retriever/ Labrador cross (GLAB). She looks like a black Golden retriever. I might be a bit bias but I think she is gorgeous. She is so gentle and good natured. Roxie loves the boys, especially Mr 5. They sit outside and he chats to her for ages. It was quite funny actually, last week Mr 5 was outside eating a chocolate muffin I had just made and he also had a cup of milk, it was reminiscent of the Oreo add because he told Roxie that she couldn’t have any. “Mum said not to give you any because chocolate makes you sick”. Like most retrievers though, if you put food in front of her, she would eat day and night. You have to be so careful that they get the right food and get enough exercise or they end up looking like a big furry barrel on legs (a bit like humans, I guess, only without the fur! But that also depends on the human!).  
We were lucky enough to be chosen to review the Yoghurt Plus range. Roxie loved it and we noticed that she was more energetic, her coat was shinier and she seemed more satisfied after her meal, she wasn’t looking for more. We are concerned with the amount of preservatives and additives added to other dog foods and prefer a more natural product like Yoghurt Plus.
Yoghurt Plus is a unique pet food that delivers a range of unique benefits to your pet. It is a holistic, symbiotic blend of pro and pre biotics, lactose free yoghurt and enzymes, that work together to give your pet a complete and balanced feed. Most importantly, it shows the same level of microbial activity before and after production. Just like yoghurt creates inner health for humans, through the use of beneficial bacteria, Yoghurt Plus creates the same benefits for your pet. Let them enjoy the same health benefits that the whole family does, after all they are part of the family.
Assists Digestion– Helps in the digestion of food, whilst improving stool quality and protein metabolism.
Aids Immunity– Helps augment immune defences, particularly in the gut, by providing a better balance of intestinal flora and additional antioxidants.
Helps Reduce Skin Disease– An optimal blend of nutrient rich Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, that helps promote a healthy, shining coat and assists in the reduction of skin problems.
Helps Reduce Stool Volume & Odour– Assists digestion, helps to decrease the potential pathogens in the GI Tract and helps decrease the compounds that can lead to unpleasent odours in stools.
Assists Urinary Tract Health– Helps stimulate the dilution and acidification of urine, thereby assisting the function of the urinary system.
Helps Reduce Lawn Burn– Helps promote the dilution and acidification of the urine that converts the damaging and harmful nitrogen compounds that burn lawns to other less harmful forms.

Yoghurt Plus is available at Coles supermarkets nation wide.

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