Summer Holiday Season At The Sea World Resort


The Christmas and New Year period is when most people will pack their bags and head off on holidays. Other than Easter, it is the peak holiday period of the year, especially on the Gold Cost, QLD.

santa holidays

With having had my recent holiday to the Gold Coast and staying at the Sea World Resort, I will give you my tips on having a stress free holiday.

1.      Pre-book everything!

The best reason to pre-book is to save time and money. Usually, if you search around online you can get great deals on accommodation, theme parks tickets, flights, airport parking (most of the major airport carpark’s now offer a discount if you pre-book your park), airport transfers, attractions and even restaurants.

Sea World - Parade

2.      Plan out your holiday

If you are going to the theme parks with kids, I suggest you have a quiet day of hanging around the resort in between theme park days. Each theme park takes a whole day to see.

Sea World - Castaway

 3.      Don’t forget to pack the essential

This might sound strange but I actually found the sun in Queensland to have a lot more sting in it than the summer sun in Melbourne. Wear sun protection!! Hats are essential.

I highly recommend Banana Boat’s 30 plus spray on sunscreen. It is fantastic. You just spray it on and off you go.

sea world australia enterance

 4.      Packing light

I know packing for a family can be tough but I have a fool proof way of packing. Try and work out outfits for the days you are there. Most resorts including Sea World Resort have laundry facilities, so I usually pack a sandwich bag with a scoop and washing powder in it. Pack two pairs of bathers, especially for the kids. They can then wear a clean pair instead of walking around in a wet pair, if they go down to the pool later.

Rolling up clothing actually makes more room in the suitcase and no creases!


5.      Kid backpacks

Each of my boys has their own backpacks to store everything they need to keep them occupied during the flights, restaurants (nothing worse than kids getting bored while waiting in restaurants!) and down time in the resort room. Ipods, ipads, books, pencils, soft toys, snacks etc can be added to the backpack before you leave home. Just make sure they don’t pack everything they have like my boys do!


 6.      Mum’s essentials

A book or some magazines come in handy when you find yourself having some down time. The plane, after the kids have gone to bed, while they are playing in the pool, out on the balcony…. Reading material is essential. Music on your phone or bring an ipod/mp3 player. Similar uses to the book/magazine but you can also drown out the kids…. Erm I mean chill out for a while with it.

Hair ties are also an essential, as I found out while I was there. I had forgotten to pack mine. I just wanted to tie my hair up and off my neck, as it was annoying me in the heat.

Also, don’t leave your nail file in your handbag when going through airport security, like I did. Oops! I’m wondering how on earth I could hijack a plane with a nail file…. Ummm hmmmm I actually think people would laugh at you if you tried.

handbag contents

7.      Have a great time and see you at Sea World Resort!!

 Sea World Resort and Water Park-3


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