Sex after 35: How Ageing Effects Our Sex Lives


Did you know that age has an effect on our hormones?

From the age of 30-40, women are at peak of their sexuality. However, after the age of 35, the level of testosterone starts to fall down. Every woman experiences a drop of up to 50 percent in her testosterone levels between her 20s and 50s.

To make things worse, we are also in the peak years of juggling children, work and a busy lifestyle at this stage of our lives. Stress and the constant juggling has a profound effect on our hormones and sex lives. The contraceptive pill can also affect our testosterone levels.  Birth control pills stop you from ovulating, which in turn, lowers your testosterone levels.

Unfortunately, low testosterone levels is a main cause of vaginal dryness and will affect 19% of Australian women at least once a week.

Other factors like too much alcohol, not enough water, where you are in the menstrual cycle (just before your period), stress, not feeling aroused enough and menopause can stop self-lubrication.

79% of women experience dryness during sexual intercourse and ultimately, this can turn us off sex. Vaginal dryness is common condition that makes sex uncomfortable, painful and sometimes virtually impossible.

Not being ‘wet enough’ is the female equivalent of a male not getting an erection: women feel embarrassed because they think their partner will think they’re not ‘turned on’ enough.

Unfortunately, most women suffer in silence and find vaginal dryness embarrassing. There are many factors why the majority of women don’t seek treatment; Lubricants are messy and can interrupt “the moment” and don’t feel natural, which can affect sexual performance. Moisturisers seem to be only for “old” women who have gone through menopause and can feel drippy.

Thankfully, there is Vagisil ProHydrate, which is a vaginal moisturiser that replenishes dehydrated vaginal skin and stops sex feeling painful. Vagisil ProHydrate offers a natural feeling solution without any mess.

Vagisil ProHydrate Plus Gels are an innovative solution for dryness that meet any female’s dryness needs.

It’s so easy to treat vaginal dryness! Easy to treat and nothing to be embarrassed about.

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