Stop Health Problems From Getting In The Way Of Your Work

Your job is very important to you. Besides paying your bills, it can be your path to finding your vocation, your purpose, and your path to success. So when pesky health problems get in the way, it doesn’t help you at all. The occasional sick day is all but unavoidable, but it can go deeper than that. Here’s how to stop your health from getting in the way of your work.


Start identifying risks

A lot of business owners focus on the big, obvious risks to a worker’s health. They’ll look at safety equipment and reduce the risk of slips, trips, and falls. But they might not be paying attention to the more subtle threats that play a role in your long-term health. For example, how poor lighting with computer screens can lead to migraines and eyestrain. Or how poor support in chairs can lead to long-term back pain and repetitive strain injury. It’s worth talking about these risks to your employer and suggesting how they solve them, like using ergonomic office furniture.

Working together

If you want to make sure that you stay fit to work, then you should ask your employer about any services they have to help you identify that. It’s a good idea for employers to use tools like health assessments by Health Assured from time to time, anyway. For one, it shows that you’re not just moaning to try get a sick day off. A good employer will appreciate that you’re focusing on your health in order to get back to work. It also helps you get professional help in identifying problems and starting the rehabilitation process.

Know when to take a step back

If you’re driven and focused, you might be all too into the idea of overtime. You might even be willing to sacrifice that work/life balance that others find so important. But working overtime too often can have serious repercussions to your health. It can affect your sleep and take away time you need to maintain health habits like cooking healthy meals and finding exercise. You have to learn to say ‘no’ to overtime. Otherwise, you’re sacrificing too much for the sake of your career.

Mind your head

Those who get so heavily involved in their work can also get very emotionally connected to it. Workloads become essential and deadlines feel like a ticking bomb. If you feel like you’re constantly under pressure at work, you could be suffering from real emotional health problems like stress and anxiety. Your employer has as much of a responsibility to face these as the physical burdens of the job. They can help you find a little more break time or they can help shape your role so it’s more manageable on your end. Don’t stay silent about it or it will only get worse.

Identifying health risks and problems and talking about them with your employer is essential. Otherwise, you’re trying to find solutions on your when the resources for them could be right within reach. Don’t keep silent on your health when it threatens to affect your livelihood.


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