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Stop The Outside Looking In: Privacy At Home

There are many things that we have all come to expect from our homes. It’s meant to be the place where we feel most comfortable; able to kick off the “outside” version of ourselves and just be who we are at heart. Our home is often also our pride and joy, so we’re always tinkering with our home decor to ensure we have the most welcoming and wonderful interior we can imagine.

The one thing that is missing from this picture is perhaps the most fundamental aspect of all when it comes to our homes, but one we have a tendency to overlook. That is, we overlook it until it becomes a problem. The moment it is a problem, it tends to be too late, and we’re already feeling the ill effects of neglecting such a vital aspect of our homes.

That area of concern? Privacy.

Why Is Privacy Important At Home?

That’s a natural question, given that few of us will ever have the misfortune of having people deliberately trying to look inside our abode. Nevertheless, the feeling that someone might accidentally – even if it is to see us doing something absolutely innocuous – is not a pleasant thought.

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What Type Of Home Is Most Susceptible To Privacy Issues?

While not impossible, you’re less likely to suffer with privacy problems if you live in an apartment complex. Apartments tend to be relatively self-contained without the risks of any other buildings looking into yours. The bigger issues of neighbours being able to see into a home are when you live in detached or semi-detached properties, especially if you are overlooked by nearby houses.

What Are The Best Privacy Options To Consider?

If this is an issue for you – or you just want to guard against it being so in the future – then it’s worth considering a few options. The first should be the most obvious; window coverings. This can be anything you consider suitable, from curtains you make yourself to blinds courtesy of those such as the Southside Group – all you need is basic window coverage that you can open and close as per your requirements.

With that part established, you can move onto things like frosted glass for street-level windows. It’s also a good idea to utilise any garden space that you have, using trees or high hedges to create a natural-looking but still secure perimeter of protection.

Do You Have To Consult Neighbours?

One of the biggest questions people have – particularly about garden-based privacy options – is whether they have to consult with their neighbours.

Unless you’re going to be doing something that infringes on their land, probably not. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. Sometimes, the best way to sustain a good neighbourly relationship is always ask their opinion and see if they have any objections upfront. After all, getting along well with neighbours and respecting one another’s boundaries is perhaps the most fundamental aspect of home privacy of them all – so it’s one you’d be foolish to overlook.

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