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Stylish And Practical Accessories For The Bedroom

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Often, getting the balance between style and substance is an incredibly difficult process. Bedroom accessories, in fact, all home accessories, tend to be made for a style purpose, and they can be uncomfortable and non-functional. As a result, homeowners err on the side style over substance. If you prefer that method, there is nothing wrong with decking out your living room in the latest gear. However, you cannot do that with the bedroom because the bedroom is a place of comfort. If it is not comfortable, it defeats the purpose of the room.


So, how do you get the perfect mix of style and substance?



Waterbeds are often seen as a novelty. To be fair, they are a bed that has a base full of water, so it is easy to see why people give them a wide berth. Yet, there is a lot more to them than a novelty factor, and if you don’t believe me just search and see for yourself. The whole purpose of a waterbed is your comfort, which ticks one box. On the flip side, they are unique and unique accessories and furniture in your home is a great way to create a new style. That tick both boxes!


Walk In Shower

No one has a shower in their bedroom, do they? They do if they have an en suite. En-suites are a part of your bedroom. Therefore, they need to be decorated in the same style. When it comes to en suites, there is more of a tendency to go with style because they are viewed as a fashion accessory. To make sure your en suite is functional and fashionable, you need a walk in shower or a wet room. Wet rooms are brilliant because they are fully tiled, and they look incredibly sleek and modern. From a practical point of view, they are easier to clean and maximise space better because they can fit into tight corners.


Retro Wardrobe

Old wardrobes have a habit of being bigger than the new designs. Back in the day, no one cared about style as much as they do now, so bedroom furniture was built to perform its primary purpose. Because of that, you can fit miles more clothes and bedroom equipment into a retro wardrobe than you can the more modern ones. You can reduce clutter to make it look tidier and maximise more space, as a result, which is integral if you have a small bedroom. Coincidentally, the ‘retro’ look has come back around and are totally in fashion in 2015, and should be for a while.


Voice Activated Lights

Light and interior design go hand in hand. If you want to get the most from your renovation, you will need to exploit natural and synthetic light fixtures. Light can make a room look bigger and more spacious, or it can make it look cosier and warmer depending on the tone you want. With voice activated lights, you can control the amount of light without moving.


Is there anything more stylish and practical than that?



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