Sure Fire Ways To Help You Give Up Smoking

We all know that smoking isn’t great for our health. The long term damages can be fatal. But yet many people still consider the vice and smoke cigarettes each day. However, for some, it’s not a case of not wanting to give up. It’s just knowing how to start. This is why I thought i would share with you some of the ways you could consider giving up smoking cigarettes for good. I hope they inspire you and help you in some way.


Go cold turkey

Sometimes people have the will just to stop. When they make that decision, they can just stop doing something. It’s more commonly known as going cold turkey. You make that decision to stop smoking, and you never buy another cigarette again. This particular method requires a lot of support and a good dose of will power to boot. Those first few days and weeks will be difficult. But many people have the most success once they have tackled that particular hurdle.

Start using vapours

If you are not quite ready to stop smoking completely then a method that many people turn to is vaping and the use of e-cigarettes. You can obtain electronic smokes quite readily these days. Enabling it to be a viable option for many consumers to consider. What this does is reduce some of the most harmful substances found in cigarettes. Enabling you to change how you smoke. Vaping doesn’t need to include nicotine; you could then advance onto herbal remedies. Some of which have amazing properties and benefits.

Try nicotine patches

If you want to stop using something in your hand completely then considering nicotine patches could be the way forward. Deemed as another successful method of giving up smoking completely the patches could provide you with a solid method. It helps control your addiction to the nicotine. Then slowly it can be something that you rely on less as your journey for quitting completely progresses.


Consider alternative therapies

Another thing you could consider would be alternative therapies. Most common would be methods like hypnosis. While there is no proven case studies that things like this work, you do need to have a belief into the process. But it could be a great alternative way for giving up the cigarettes for good. However, methods like this do require a little research before taking them up.

Find something else to fill your time

Finally, a great way to quit is through distraction. So this may mean considering taking up a new hobby. Most popular would be exercise. This takes your mind off things and is a distraction to the craving you will feel to smoke. Some people tend to do this activity every time they feel the need to smoke. Just make sure you do things responsibly. Another thing to consider would be your diet and what you drink. All of which can have an effect on your craving and when you need to smoke.  

I hope these sure fire ways help you begin your quitting journey today.


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