Simple Ways to De-stress Your Life

  Stress is the accumulation of clutter: the emotional and physical “stuff” that you are consciously or unconsciously hoarding. It’s this clutter that keeps you from living in the present moment. De-stressing calls for a major life de-cluttering, focused on de-cluttering your emotional mind, your working mind, and your physical space. De-Clutter Your Mind De-cluttering… Read More Simple Ways to De-stress Your Life


Ways To Temper Chaotic Minds

Picture Source Our minds can be chaotic and confusing places even to ourselves, never mind to those around us. Sometimes, when we don’t even understand why we’re frustrated or so overwhelmed by the day-to-day requirements of life, it can serve to leave us even more frustrated; it’s a vicious cycle, and it can be hard… Read More Ways To Temper Chaotic Minds


Body care and mental fitness

Even though body and mind have for a long time been treated as separate entities, there is more and more evidence for the fact that both are actually very closely related to each other.If the mind is ill, for example if someone is depressed, chances are high that this person will be suffering from psychosomatic… Read More Body care and mental fitness