Ways To Temper Chaotic Minds

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Our minds can be chaotic and confusing places even to ourselves, never mind to those around us. Sometimes, when we don’t even understand why we’re frustrated or so overwhelmed by the day-to-day requirements of life, it can serve to leave us even more frustrated; it’s a vicious cycle, and it can be hard to know where or how to end it.

The key lies in listening to your body. That might sound strange when we’re talking about the mind, but the two rely upon each other. A calmer mind means a calmer body and vice versa. Simply closing your eyes and ignoring everything other than the simplicity of your own breathing can serve to distract even the most chaotic, overworked mind and help bring you back to reality. Sometimes it helps to just remember how simple and precious life is, or should be.

Mindful meditation.

As I discussed above, you have to start listening to your body if you want it to re-balance. Mindful techniques can be absolutely crucial on your journey achieving this. We focus on our brains and the act of ‘thinking’ all day long, so, as weird as it sounds, the best way to calm your mind is to stop doing that and instead focus on something much simpler: the body.

This is all about appreciating the present moment, rather than worrying about silly or unfortunate things which might have happened in the past, or work and other commitments that you have to be prepared for in the future. Those things aren’t happening right now, and you can only plan so much. Instead of worrying about things, which isn’t productive, turn your mind instead to a happier and healthier distraction. Concentrating on your body’s movements, your breathing and simple sensations such as smell, taste or hearing can really help to simplify all that’s going on in your mind.

When you take things back to basics, you shouldn’t be thinking about the world anymore; you should be thinking about yourself, as you accept that it’s okay to be a person like anyone else, simply sitting, standing or lying down with their eyes closed. How you go about mindful techniques is entirely up to you.
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You can use props to help your mind relax.

Whilst it is the mind you’re trying to train here, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little helping hand on the journey to a calmer, happier state of being. Meditation beads can work absolute wonders: http://stillmind.org/ If you’re engaging in a form of mantra meditation, things such as beads can help you keep track of your meditations. Again, this all depends on whether you want your meditation experience to be cultural or simply concern your peace of mind.

Remember your friends and family.

The best way to keep your mind active and nourished is through other people. Simply talking, laughing, or doing something fun with friends and family can truly bring the mind some balance and peace. Quiet reflection isn’t the only route to a happier brain.

Remember, the world may be chaotic sometimes, but the one thing we can control is ourselves. Afford yourself a little time each day to reflect on that, and simply let your mind stop thinking for a while. Or, at least, allow your mind to stop forcing itself to think.

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