Time Saving Ideas For Your Home Renovation Project


Home renovation projects are a lot of fun when you have the time and money to complete them. Sadly, most of us find we are in a rush. We may end up with poorly conceived ideas. The decor may be sloppily finished. Ultimately, we can be disappointed with the results. There are some ideas to help you get the look you are after despite a shortage of time. If you’re after a cost-effective and easy-to-do design, then read on.


Take your time to fully plan what you are after. First, you will need to identify your exact needs for the room. You might be wanting something that is more functional. Perhaps you need more storage. It could be you are looking to have a room that is easier to keep clean and tidy. Identify what it is you want to change and why.


If you are redesigning your living room, you might be replacing the furniture. For the best results, consider carefully what you are hoping to achieve. If you’re after a relaxing environment, you might opt for recliners. For a more cottagey look, you might be interested in slipcovered sofas. This option also provides you with an easy to clean solution.


Perhaps you are renovating because you need better storage solutions. You might consider erecting a TV wall bracket so you won’t need a stand. A nest of tables takes up less room than a coffee table but gives you the option to have small tables around the room as needed. Perhaps you are looking for some fitted furniture or shelving. This provides considerable storage without infringing on the room.


It might be a good idea to choose your lighting after you have completed your decor. It will help you identify the best source of lighting to highlight your design. When you are selecting your color palette, paint should be tested in the room and next to the key items of furniture. This can be done with a tester pot and a sheet of paper. Once the paint is dried, you can hold the sheet of paper against each of the walls and the items of furniture.

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Painting and decorating needn’t take long if you are organized and methodical. Work from the top down. Paint the ceiling, and then the walls. Finally, you can complete the room with the woodwork or skirting boards.


Each stage should only take a couple of hours. It’s best to leave even quick drying paint for a day before tackling the second or third coat. This is ideal for people who only have a couple of hours each day to allocate to their renovation.


Once your flooring is down, the room will be ready to furnish. You may already have selected your wall art. Perhaps you have drapes or curtains on order? These final touches bring character and color to the room. They show off your good taste and help make a house a home.


Small home renovation projects can easily be spread over many days or weeks. This way they only take a couple of hours out of each day. While many can be completed in a two or three days, you may feel rushed and end up with a poor quality finish. What will you do with your room today?


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