Wicked Preparations for the Ultimate Dinner Party


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So, you’ve made the decision that you want to host a dinner party. Well, now the hard work begins. It’s not as simple as just inviting people and waiting for them to turn up. You need to make preparations to be sure the party is a success. So, have a look at these preparation ideas, and use them to make your party a successful one.

Set a Theme

The first thing you need to do is come up with a theme for your dinner party. You might choose to base it on something specific. Or you might want to go with a broad theme, like an era. Try to incorporate personal jokes in there as well. Thematic parties are often much more enjoyable because they add extra excitement. You could decorate your place to resemble whatever theme you’ve chosen. Once you know the theme, you can set about basing everything else around the chosen theme.

Choose Your Dress

As a woman, there are few things more important than choosing the perfect dress. As the hostess with the mostest, you need to make sure you’re radiant and beautiful. And the dress you wear is going to be a huge part of this. Use this as an excuse to go shopping – like you need one! Check out the range of designer party dresses on offer, and choose your weapon. With a bit of forethought, you might even be able to base the theme around a dress you really love.

Send the Invites

Okay, now you’re ready to design and send your invites. Depending on the theme you might want the invites to have a special design. Or, you might just have a close knit group of friends to invite. These days you can do that via the likes of social media. It’s important to decide who you’re going to invite. Bear in mind you’re throwing a dinner party, not a party. So you’ll only have space for a limited number of people. Try to choose the most sophisticated of your friends, and see if they want to come for dinner. Many of them will relish the opportunity to get dressed up and have a good time.

Shop for Food

Once you’ve got all this sorted you need to think about the food. Now, presumably you will have an idea in mind already for what you want to make. If not, you’re going to need to come up with something as soon as possible. When you’ve made a decision it’s time to get yourself to the store and buy the ingredients. You’ll need to get party food as well. This will allow people to pick at things while they wait for the main event.

You need to remember that hosting a dinner party is a big undertaking. So you need to make sure you’ve planned everything in advance. The better planned it is, the smoother it will go and the more enjoyable it will be for everyone. Preparation is the key, so make sure you cover all your bases before you start.  




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  • Heather Simon

    I’m throwing a dinner party for my husband’s boss and colleagues! It’s my first time having a dinner party like this so I’m pretty nervous, but also excited. Thanks for the tips! Time to go choose a theme.

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