Top 10 Ways to Manage Your Love Life with Sexting

Once considered a taboo activity, all the latest research points to sexting being good for your love life. Why? Because sexting signals that you’re still into each other, and it keeps the sexy fires burning. Often, sexting can improve relationship satisfaction in people of any gender. Below are ten ways to manage your love life with sexting.

Increase Arousal

One of the best parts of sexting is that it increases your arousal. You don’t have what you want right in front of you, so you get to enjoy your desire longer. The immediate gratification of having a partner in bed that you can have sex with diminishes arousal—because you don’t long for your partner the way you used to. When you sext your partner, you get turned on because you can’t have what you want exactly when you want it.

Try New Things Together

Sexting is a great way to manage your sex life because it’s a safe way to try new things together. Trying new things together can help you both feel more satisfied in your relationship. First of all, sexting may be new to the two of you. But even if it’s not, you can fantasize about different sexual scenarios that may have felt too intimidating to try in person. For example, BDSM-style fantasies or different role-playing ideas may have felt weird in person. Over sext, though, it’s much less awkward. 

Get Creative

When you’re in a long-term relationship, you know exactly what to do to get each other off fast. But doing something quickly isn’t the same thing as doing it well. When you sext, you get out of your routine, which is a great way to keep your love life fresh and thriving. You get to be the star of your own real-life erotica or porn. So, do something wild and don’t hold back. It might be more fun than you ever imagined.

Build Confidence

Some people are nervous to sext because they don’t like to show off their bodies. However, sexting can help with this. Hearing all the things your partner loves about your body can help you change your perception of yourself and remember just how sexy you are. 

Increase Intimacy

Intimacy increases when you trust your partner. Well-known psychologist Esther Perel believes that you can develop deeper trust when you take risks with your partner. Sexting can be a bit risky, or at least it can feel that way. And when you try it with your partner, it can strengthen your connection.

Give Compliments

Sometimes in long-term relationships, people will stop giving as many compliments as they used to. It’s natural because you become accustomed to all the amazing things that once drew you to your partner. But it also means that you are beginning to take your partner for granted. When you sext, you see your partner in a new light and may feel compelled to compliment them. Maybe you didn’t realize how sexy they look in lingerie, what a wordsmith they are, or how much fun it is to flirt with them. Speak up! Giving (and receiving!) compliments can foster a sense of closeness and affection, important for a healthy love life.

Stay In Touch

Sometimes, couples can’t be together. And sexting is a great way to keep you sexually connected even during an extended absence. Keeping in sexual touch kept many couples afloat during the pandemic, and it’s an excellent way to feel like you’re sexually together even when you can’t be physically together.

Rev Up Date Night

Yes, sexts can even help date night get hotter. You could send a picture of lingerie that you plan to wear on your next night out, or you can mention that you want to see a burlesque show or something else racy together. Since sexting helps you keep sex on your mind, it can add some serious heat to date night. 

Amp Up Fun

Sexting encourages you to be spontaneous. And the more spontaneity in a relationship, the more fun it is! Spontaneity throws routine out the window. You never know what to expect next. And the element of surprise in a relationship can definitely make your love life hotter.

Meet New People

You don’t have to only sext if you’re in a relationship. There’s something extra sexy about talking dirty to someone you don’t know. And lets face it, being in lockdown isn’t exactly fun and it’s made it hard to find partners to have fin with! Or maybe you have an open relationship and want to spice things up? Regardless, you need to be sure you use a safe, secure, and private site for finding your sexting partners.

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