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Unique Furniture Always Wins


Whether you’ve just bought a new home, or you’ve decided to restyle your current one, try and stay away from the common choices of furniture and get creative with your ideas instead. Sure, it’s very easy to look in a magazine and style your living room accordingly, but why not do things a little different this time? It may take a little more time and effort, but your home deserves that. It’s your own space where you get to hide away in when you don’t feel like showing your face, so you need to find it visually appealing otherwise your mood won’t improve.

So here’s what to do.

Take pictures (and measurements!)

It’s a very good idea to take photos of every room you want to style from different angles. You will also need to take measurements of how much space you have so you get an idea of what size the furniture will have to be. You don’t want to find a stunning sofa, only to realise it’s too big and won’t fit where you wanted to put it. And the pictures will work as reference for when you’re shopping around – you all know that feeling when you go shoe shopping for that new dress you bought, but you forget to bring it with you, and can’t remember what shade of blue it was – well the same applies when furniture shopping.

Don’t look for inspiration too much.

Of course, it’s always nice to have a nose through some interior design magazines or websites to get some ideas on positioning and colour schemes – but don’t rely on it. You want to style your rooms off of how you feel – your own unique personality and eye for things. While it’s always helpful to have a little inspiration, you don’t want anything to steer you in a direction that isn’t your own. So if you’re struggling with something, ask the question, find the answer, and carry on.

Shop away from the ‘norm’.

When looking for your different furniture, try and stay away from the big commercial suppliers. They’re all about mass production, and what you may think looks unique – 70,000 other people thought so too. Instead, go down to the thrift stores and op shops or seek out a furniture auction like
Abbeys Auctions to find special treasures that people don’t even know exist. You could find a beautiful wooden, handcrafted coffee table that a local artist made, or a classic original from the 1960’s or 1970’s – meaning no one else has one. And not only that, you will be supporting the environment through recycling unique furniture and decorator pieces.

Placement is everything.

Never settle on the first idea, you might have the sofa beneath the window and think it looks great, but you’ll never know that it looked better against the opposite wall – unless you try it. So keep moving things around until you’re absolutely sure. Even the position of a lamp can totally alter the atmosphere. Think about your idea, change it, leave the room for an hour, and then look at it again with fresh eyes.

With so many furniture stores carrying Scandi, Industrial and 70’s style pieces, it can be hard to find interesting and unique pieces. One of our favourite furniture stores for unique furniture is Matt Blatt. Matt Blatt has a great range of furniture and decor pieces I’m sure you will love. Here are a few of Matt Blatt’s pieces that are on our wish list:

Clockwise: Kenneth Dahl Christian Display CabinetWings Brass CredenzaReplica Isamu Noguchi Coffee Table and Madrid Sofa Bed.

What style of furniture do you prefer? Do you have a particular decor theme or style or are your tastes eclectic like mine?

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