Clever Ideas For Your Unused Basement

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Basements are a bit like lofts, in that they are often under-utilised. But converting an unused basement not only provides you with extra space but could add value to your home. So it’s worth considering.

The first thing to be aware of is that basements have the potential to flood. They occupy the lowest level of the building and are usually partly underground. So you will need to take steps to prevent this before you get started. And if the worst does happen, always call an expert such as RestorationEze. A professional company will help you act quickly to avoid further damage and build up of black mould.

Laundry Room

Imagine not having to do your laundry in the kitchen. This would free up some space for a dishwasher or much-needed storage. And you could move the dryer down there too, along with your clothes horse. Never again would you be greeted with the sight of your underwear drying on the radiators as you arrived home from work.

When setting up your laundry room, make sure you leave space for shelving and drawers. These will be useful for housing washing powders, stain removers, the iron, etc. A sink is useful too.

With a little makeover and some decent music, you could even do your ironing down there.

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Guest Room

If your house is fairly small a spare bedroom for family and guests is always useful. Sofa beds, are fine but there’s often a lack of privacy. And no matter how welcome your guests are, it’s always good to have a little space.

When planning your guest room opt for comfortable, robust furniture that will last. It may cost a little extra but will save you in the long-term. The main focus of the room will be the bed, of course. Space permitting, try to include space for guests to hang their clothes, and provide a few drawers.

If you want to go the extra mile, provide a TV or radio and facilities for making tea and coffee. When planning the room, make sure you add enough plug sockets.

Home Office

If working at home means clearing a space on the dining room table, a home office in the basement could be the ideal solution. It will be away from the rest of the house so that you won’t be disturbed. You will have more space to spread out your papers, etc. And you can establish a physical boundary between your working life and home life.

One thing to be aware of is daylight. Most basements are quite dark and rely on artificial light. This could cause eye strain if you don’t plan this carefully.

Plan in enough space for storage. It’s surprising how much your office will grow when it has the space to expand into.

Dream Room

What’s a dream room you might ask? It’s whatever you want it to be. You may have always dreamed of a home library or reading room. Or, you may need space for your crafts or hobbies. Or what about a games room? There are no limits. Once you have the fundamentals taken care of your basement can be anything you want it to be.

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