Three Things To Consider When Choosing a Health Tea


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A quick scroll through your Instagram feed will reveal a host of fit, toned creatures embarking on a “teatox”.  There are a lot of tea brands on the market at the moment making similar claims. Lose weight! Tone up! Fight the bloat! How do you make sure we’re choosing a reputable brand with proven results?


Choose a tea that is registered with the Therapeutic Goods Administration

The first question to ask is whether or not the tea is registered with the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). The TGA is the Australian regulatory body that ensures that medicines and medical devices (among other things) are safe for use. Zing Tea’s Slim and Body Cleanse teas are registered with the TGA so you can be confident that what’s going into your tea-cup and ultimately your body is of the highest possible quality.


Understand what’s in your teabag

Whilst we’re all used to checking the fat and sugar content of foods we buy in the supermarket, it’s equally important to know what ingredients are in your tea. To get optimum results from a health tea program, you need to know that only the purest and most beneficial parts of the plant are making it into your teabag. Zing Tea’s range of tea products are developed by herbalists and pharmacists, selecting the finest ingredients to improve your overall health and wellbeing with proven results.


Check where your tea is manufactured?

We all try to support Australian-owned companies where we can, so why not with your tea? Check to see if your tea is owned and manufactured here in Australia like Zing Tea.


There are many wonderful benefits to drinking tea and embarking on a health tea program. Zing Tea offer a Health Tea range which includes a 14-day and 28-day Slim Tea program, a range of other teas with health benefits plus a Lifestyle Tea range which features a range of beautifully flavoured green and black teas.

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