Want To Create A Gender Neutral Playroom? Everything You Need To Know!


If you happen to have an unused room in your house – perhaps a guest bedroom, you might be thinking of changing it into a playroom. However, if you have two children of different genders, then you may not know how to go about it.


Believe it or not, creating a playroom suitable for both boys and girls is much easier than you might think. Once you get rid of the idea of certain colours and styles being for different sexes, you will find that lots of fantastic ideas come to you.

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To help you to create a beautiful gender neutral playroom, that is fun and practical, here are a few tips:


Choose the perfect colour scheme

The first thing that you need to do when it comes to creating a beautiful playroom for your children is choose a colour scheme. As you want it to be a gender neutral space, aim to use a mixture of colours.


From mixes of neutrals and pastels to bright, bold designs, there are plenty of options to choose from. If you would prefer to keep the walls white, you add can small pops of colour here and there. This can be through accessories, wall stickers or contact paper.

In terms of practicality, if you are painting the room, it’s a good idea to choose paint that can be easily cleaned. As all parents know, kids make a mess, so easy-to-clean paint is a must. Or, if you want to encourage your children’s creativity, chalkboard paint is ideal.


Pick a theme

Once you have chosen the colour scheme of the playroom, the next step is to select the theme. If your children are old enough, it might be a good idea to ask them for ideas. Themes that both boys and girls seem to like include numbers, letters, animals, explorers, and sea life.

Once you have chosen a theme, you can then refine it to focus on one or two things. For example, if you have chosen an animal theme and your kids are mad about elephants, create an elephant inspired space.


Be choosy about flooring

When it comes to choosing flooring for your children’s playroom, it’s important to think carefully about the best option. You need to choose flooring that is not only easy to clean, but that is also long lasting.

While carpet might look great, it isn’t practical, laminate or wooden flooring, however, is perfect. To get an idea of how much laminate or wooden flooring will cost, get in touch with Empire Floors and ask for a quote.


Choose neutral furniture

As your children grow, the chances are that you will have to redecorate their playroom a number of times. That’s why choosing neutral furniture is a good idea, as no matter what style you decorate in, each piece should still fit in.

If you can, opt for pieces of furniture that will wear well and last. Wooden designs are ideal as these tend to last well, and can be adapted over time.

There are lots of other things you could do to make your children’s playroom even more special. However, these ideas are ideal for getting your playroom planning started.


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