Ways To Become More Self Sufficient At Home

As a country, we spend way too much money on what we desire for our home and our lives. Luckily, there are ways that you can save money and still make those home improvements, dress to your style and eat the food you love.

Interior and Exterior Design

There are some home improvements that you can’t avoid paying a professional for. For things like painting your house or upcycling your furniture, you could do this yourself. There are tons of DIY tutorials that you can find on the internet, so why not put your creative hat on and give it a go?

In fact, most pieces of furniture can be made to look like new with a good sanding and a lick of paint or a stain. You could also turn furniture that’s no good for the house anymore into something for your garden! Recycle an old wardrobe into an outside storage container, create a table out of your old kitchen worktop, turn an old bar stool into outdoor seating. There are tons of ideas on Pinterest.

Even though the thought of painting your walls isn’t necessarily a good one, painting your home is a useful skill to have, and it provides a workout too! Also, when visitors to your home compliment how great your house looks, you can proudly inform them that you did all of the hard work!

Another way you could help yourself save some money is to install water tanks in your garden. These collect rainwater that you could use to water your plants. Take advantage of the typical Australian weather and save some dollars!


When your clothes start looking like they’ve had better days, a good way of not letting them go to waste is to modify them yourself. You could turn jeans into shorts, t-shirts into fancy crop tops and shoes into plant pots!

You could also use your older children’s clothes to pass down to your younger children. Hand-me-downs are a fabulous way of saving money. Anyone that’s ever had a child will admit that they bought way too many clothes for them. Children grow so fast, so reuse the clothing!

If your clothes aren’t worth modifying, then instead rip them up and use them as buffer cloths for cleaning your home. This will save you buying any and you’re also able to wash them to be reused over again.


Growing your own food is a very satisfying hobby in itself, but it can also cut costs on your shopping bill! Pick out all of your favourite fruit and vegetables and have a go at growing them in your garden or greenhouse. Check out this article from Sparkle Nest, who goes into detail about how you can grow food instead of buying.

It can be challenging to get your children to eat vegetables in general, but growing them at home and getting them involved often helps kids become excited to try them. The pride of eating something that they have grown themselves almost makes them forget that it’s a vegetable.

Start becoming self sufficient today!

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