Concrete Demolition – What You Need To Know

Working with concrete can be overwhelming because it is incredibly dense. If you want to remove old concrete structures to make new or rebuild the previous structure, you might need the hand of a construction worker. Although you might be able to handle the concrete demolition yourself, it can be backbreaking and easily cause burn out before you start the project. No doubt, it can be a great deal of work.

On the other hand, if you are a professional construction worker and an individual who wants to demolish concrete on their property reaches out to you, what would you do? You need the proper and right equipment and also to know what is beneath the surface to get the job done easily and faster. This article will show you some of the tools that will help you get the job done whether you are a tradesmen, concrete worker or DIY-er.

Tools you need for Concrete Demolition

  1.    Jackhammer or sledgehammer- pick your weapon

Before you begin a full-scale concrete demolition try out both options to see the one that is best suited for the project. If you whack the sledgehammer on the concrete for a few minutes, you will know if your weapon is going to be a jack or sledgehammer. Equipment hire might be the next thing to do. You can hire a jackhammer, it is among the fearsome and iconic tools on a demolition site.

Jackhammers are one of the most useful demolition tools because they feature a combination of two fundamental hand tools; a chisel and hammer. This tool can also be called a demolition tool or pneumatic drills.

  1.    Screwdrivers

You might probably be thinking that how can a screwdriver tackle concrete. But do you know that not all aspects of a demolition project require a jack or sledgehammer? You can handle the delicate part of the demolition with screwdrivers. Some of the delicate parts are taking electrical switches and outlets apart and taking up tiles and small pieces of wood flooring if the entire floor will not be removed. A long flat head screwdriver can be a perfect tool as you can use the chisel ends as a pry bar.

  1.    Pry bars

A pry bar is like a spear, and it might be heavy depending on the type you are using. It has a chisel on one end and a sharp point at the other end. This steel javelin-like bar is used to chip away, or burst concrete that is stubborn.

  1.     Reciprocating saw and metal blade

There are many concretes that feature rebar and steel mesh reinforcement. At this point, you will need to cut the mesh and rebar using metal blades and reciprocating saw or metal cut-off wheel and an angle grinder. The back and forth motion the reciprocating saw blade makes it perfect for cutting metals.

  1.    Sheet of plastic

It helps to stop flying chunks of concrete. Also, it will trap all the dust and catch all the shrapnel.

  1.    Wheelbarrow

There are sturdy wheelbarrows you can use for hauling. Ensure you use the powered wheelbarrows or heavy-duty ones. The smaller ones are not advisable as they can give in to the weight of the pieces of concrete easily.

  1.    Safety gears

    When engaging in concrete demolition, you will be working with rough materials and tools that are powerful. You need to put safety first. Protect your mouth with a face mask, wear safety goggles to protect your eyes, and wear earplugs to reduce the noise and prevent dust from entering. Also, wear long sleeves clothing that is tough and boots that are sturdy.

How Can You Get The Tools You Don’t Have?
There may be instances where a tradesman doesn’t have a particular tool, or they are looking to perform a one-off job that they wouldn’t normally do. Hiring construction tools is often a better option than buying tools that will only be used once.

A tool hiring centre can help you with the equipment hire. You can hire the tools for either a short or long time. If you are going to hire for a long-term, some hiring centres will regularly come and inspect the equipment or tools.

As an individual or tradesman, whether you are hoping to repurpose a space, build an addition to a home or install new concrete, making use of the right tool can make the job less stressful. Concrete demolition is not something you can do without proper preparation.

Check if you have the tools mentioned above. If you don’t, you can find a hiring centre that offers equipment hire. To learn more about what demolition tools you can hire, contact your nearest tool hire expert today!   


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