Why Go Camping When You Can Go Glamping?

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For people who love getting outside but still want to have the comforts of home, glamping is the ideal compromise. But if you have never undertaken this activity before, you may be wondering exactly what it entails. Well, this article is here to give you a helping hand, as well as some tips and tricks which will help you to enjoy the most unforgettable trip.

Choose a Beautiful Location

You may think that this is quite obvious, but your surroundings make such a difference to your glamping experience. You will be looking for something which is a little more upmarket than just a field and a couple of outdoor toilets. Spend a little bit more money and you can find a place with hot water, electricity, washing-up areas, and beautiful surroundings. And you may not even have to go too far away from home to get all this and more.

Select the Perfect Tent

The right tent will make or break your glamping experience. You want to choose one which is spacious enough to fit in comfortably. You can even get tents which are roomy enough for everyone to stand up inside. The best tents are double-skinned so you won’t get wet when it rains, and they also have sides which you can lift up so you won’t end up being too hot. Another great camping feature is an awning, and there are some which you can view here. Get the right tent and the glamping experience is bound to follow.

Food and Drink

The best times when you are camping are often enjoyed over food and drink. So, make sure that you pack some delicious meals which you can enjoy, as well as some cooking equipment to prepare them. A decent coolbox is essential in keeping everything fresh and ready to prepare. And when the food is ready to eat, you don’t want to be crouched down on the floor trying to munch it down. Instead, it is worth getting a proper camping table and chairs, as well as some nice plates and cutlery.

Comfortable Clothes

When the weather starts to turn a little chilly or the heavens open, you need to ensure that you have packed the right clothes to be able to deal with it properly. So, when you are packing your luggage, make sure that you are prepared for all eventualities. Nothing ruins a glamping trip quicker than being cold and wet!

Mood-Setting Lights and Candles

Finally, you want to ensure that you set the right atmosphere on your glamping trip. And you can do this with some twinkly fairy lights and scented candles. Wrap yourself up in a cosy blanket and you can fully enjoy being under the magical night sky.


Glamping is a fantastic experience which you can enjoy with friends or as part of a family. These are just a few of the ways to ensure that your trip is a memorable one.  

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