What we got up to in the Honda Odyssey…

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I was quite excited about test driving the new Honda Odyssey, I have always loved the Honda Accord, and so to try the bigger family size Honda would be interesting. 

The boys were very excited that Mum ‘had a new car’; they loved it and wanted to keep it.  Mr 8 actually asked if Honda could keep my Commodore and we keep the Odyssey!

The boys looking super impressed at having to go to school and that the Odyssey had to go back (could have been Mondayitis too!).

Ok, so to tell you the truth I wasn’t too keen on the modern spacey look of the Honda Odyssey to start off but it grew on me and by the time I took it back I quite liked the sporty low line look of it. Because the Odyssey sits so low to the ground, it is less likely to roll like the top heavy seven seaters on the market. Every Honda Odyssey comes equipped with class-leading safety features such as Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA), front, side and full-length curtain airbags and anti-lock braking, which is standard on all models, which is a major selling point on the vehicle. I think it is one of the most important features of a car is how many safety features the car has, especially when thinking of the safety of my family.

I was also super impressed with all the electric seats and gadgets… it was very well appointed! Even the far back seats were electric. Push a button and they go from being under the carpet in the boot to being upright, push a button and they were back down again. I have driven a Ford Territory and the back seats were hard to put up and down and you had to fiddle with levers etc. Annoying!! The Territory also felt like you were driving a truck, the Honda feels like you are driving a family car but with a lot more room. Even with the third row of seats up, you can fit groceries in the boot. You can also sit a couple of adults comfortably, which you couldn’t in the Territory. Another thing I noticed is the climate control/ heating and cooling in the back, which the Territory lacks. It gets so hot in the far back, so you need decent air conditioning in the back otherwise, it could be quite dangerous travelling long distances with small children or animals, as it gets too hot especially in summer. I quite enjoyed driving the Odyssey; it was such a smooth drive! Poor Mr Commodore just can’t compete in that area; I can feel every bump in him!

I was also a bit apprehensive about driving a 4 cylinder car as I have always driven a 6 cylinder but it had a lot of get up and go! The Honda has a 4 cylinder 2.4 litre i-VETC engine, which my brother tells me is a good thing and that is why it had so much oomf and didn’t use much fuel on our trip to Orbost and back (12 hour round trip!) to see our mum for Mother’s Day.

This was taken coming back from Orbost, in between Orbost and Lakes Entrance:

I highly recommend the Honda Odyssey to anyone wanting to buy a 5- 7 seater family car. Lots of space, fuel efficient, looks good and has a high safety rating. What more could you want?

Thanks to Honda and Nuff Nang, we have a competition for you!

You could win a Honda Odyssey For a Day plus $500 To Spoil Your Family!

All you have to do is comment below and tell us in 25 words or less “What is your perfect family day?

The winner will have the car for 24 hrs and $500 to spoil the family.

*Note* The comp winner will be announced shortly after the competition closing date, 30 May 2010.

*Winner to be determined by Nuffnang and Honda.

14 thoughts on “What we got up to in the Honda Odyssey…

  1. The perfect day would be a day by the sea, playing around in the rock pools and eating fish and chips.

  2. My perfect family day out would be a day sight seeing along the great ocean road. Stopping for fish and chips in apollo bay along the way.

  3. My perfect family day would be;
    my kids, my husband and also me,
    seeing the sights we can speedily see,
    in a zoomy Honda Odyssey!!!


  4. Escaping in an Odyssey for the day … just me and hubby. Just kidding. Would want kids on board to embarrass them when we started pashing.

  5. Driving to our favourite park in an Odyssey. Kids run wild, picnic, then a slow drive home along the coast enjoying the smooth car ride.

  6. Zipping along in our Odyssey
    Singing ten green bottles bound for the sea
    We swim, laugh, splash, play
    And forever remember this fun perfect day

  7. my perfect family day would be driving in an odyssey to cottlesloe beach for a picnic, playing chilling and watchin the sunset together!

  8. Up early for market F&V, leisurely drive to Hinterland loud-singing with hubby and the girls, Autumn sun picnic and back home to crack a bottle of NZ sauv blanc. mmmmmmm!

  9. Heading
    Drive as smooth
    As the

    Driving to
    Yarra Valley
    Screaming kids
    Sedated by smooth ride
    Everyone impressed
    Yes a day of driving Bliss

  10. Our princess, Daddy and me,
    Precious, special time that we get so little of,
    Making the most of Daddy home for such a short time.

  11. a perfect family day
    is our little family far away
    watching the trees pass by
    getting closer having so much fun without having to fly!

  12. To just drive,no planning and where we could end up no-one knows – could be lunch in a quaint country pub or high up in the mountains or even somewhere along the coastline…The only way we would know is if we got to drive the Odyssey for a day 🙂

  13. My perfect day is coming in just a few weeks with the arrival of our newest baby bunny. Once he is here it would consist of spending the day with our 3 children exploring Melbourne and its surroundings. Having recently moved from NSW there are so many new exciting things to see and doing it in style and comfort in this car with spending money to spoil them would be bliss.

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