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What’s In Your Beauty Kit For 2016?

Have you noticed how we’ve all become gadget freaks lately? We’ve got apps for helping us to choose a makeup palette or new hair style. And we have more appliances and styling gadgets than ever before. Some of these new gizmos will undoubtedly end up in the back of the closet gathering dust. But there have been a few new innovations that have bought salon quality finishes to our own homes. Which of these do you have in your beauty kit right now?

Hair Removal

Body hair causes more stress to our daily beauty routines than any other part! It’s the chore we love to hate because it takes time and precision to get that perfect hairless body. Eyebrows may be thicker than ever, but they still need a lot of plucking and grooming to look incredible. You can buy eyebrow templates that act like stencils for you to achieve the perfect shape of the moment. Admittedly, most of us are filling in rather than plucking. But these handy gadgets help you hunt down and remove those strays.



Home waxing kits have become far more affordable as well. You can buy a better range of waxes to place in the pot to suit all skin types as well. Sure, it’s still messy, but it’s more comforting than the old fashioned cold wax strips. The latest home hair removal gadget is still in its infancy and results are still mixed. Home laser hair removal is easy and pain-free. And the machines are substantially cheaper than attending half a dozen sessions at the beauty clinic.

Hair Styling

Styling your hair can take up a lot of your time in the morning. This is why there are so many gadgets of convenience to help you achieve the latest look. Do you use the best flat irons or the latest hair straightening hair brushes? There are gizmos galore to transform frizzy hair into smooth tresses. Flat irons continue to dominate the popularity trends as they achieve the best results. Hair brushes that you have to plug in could end up being this year’s fad.

For curls and waves, you don’t necessarily have to plug your tongs in. Some are now available as a rechargeable unit. And as they split into two parts, they might just fit into your favorite purse for great curls on the go. The number of heat protecting sprays on the market has boomed as more and more of us want to make sure none of our heating gadgets damage the hair we love.

Skin Care

Looking after the skin we’re in has been a top priority for generations. But nowadays, there are lots of gadgets and gizmos to help improve the quality of the skin. There are machines for sloughing off the dead skin on your feet. There are clever lamp boxes for setting and drying your long-life nail polish without damaging your skin. There are even safer versions of the tanning beds to give you the healthy sun-kissed glow you’ve always dreamed of.

Skin can experience vibrations, jet stream bubble massages, and intense hydration from a wide range of new bathtubs on the market. Never before have we spent so much money on home pampering! Different moisturizers are available for every decade of your life. Some offer you wonderful health benefits as well as younger looking skin. Gone are cleansers and toners. In come the micellar purifying waters. Spa products of every brand are available for you to buy online.

Slimming and Toning

Lots of us have gadgets and equipment to help us slim and tone our bodies and faces too. Vibration plates offer improved circulation around the whole body. Our phones and watches double up as personal trainers buzzing you to keep moving for another minute. YouTube provides thousands of workout videos to tone every square inch of your body, that can be accessed on any device anytime. Gone are the big bulky exercise bikes, cross trainers, and treadmills. Now all you need is an exercise mat in your living room.

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There are also massage chairs to help relieve your aching muscles and relax you after the hard work of your exercise program. There are handheld devices to warm joints and muscles that need a little encouragement too. And the warming of a massage roller is thought to shift stubborn cellulite and excess fluid, leaving you toned and slender.

Cosmetic Enhancement

There are so many great cosmetic treatments that started out in the big brand spas. Now they are available in your own home. This means you can be comfortable and far less embarrassed using them than at a spa. Perhaps most importantly, it is much cheaper. Some treatments enhance the quality of your skin. Others claim to help you appear younger and fresher-faced. Most of us have some of them in our homes right now.


If you’re looking to remove the coarseness and dull look from your face, a chemical peel could be the answer. There are kits and packs available for home use from a number of brands that can be bought easily online. Some people liken the treatments to dying their hair at home. Sure, there can be a little bit of mess. And you might be locked away in the bathroom for a while. But when you come out, you look incredible.

Microdermabrasion is also available in home kits. Like a peel, it is designed to remove the top layers of skin that have become old and dull. Some claims include the removal or reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. If you suffer skin complaints like acne, you can even buy a home laser kit to reduce the appearance of these blemishes and their scars. And when you’re done with that, permanent makeup can give you a perfect look all day, every day, for weeks!

There are plenty of different gizmos, gadgets, appliances and kits for home use these days. Most of us have invested in something like these at some point. Epilators, electric shavers, and hair dryers have been around for generations after all. So what’s in your beauty kit? What couldn’t you do without?


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