What’s Winsum and Will It Effect You?

According to Dr Vincent, Australians have been living in a bubble for much of the year and this has lulled their immune system into a false sense of security – as a result, people are vulnerable to getting sick this festive season.

“Winsum is a concerning syndrome where the illnesses that people normally catch during winter period such as colds, chest infections and flu are instead shared and contracted during the summer months,” Dr Vincent said.

“To put it plainly, our immune system is not summer fit. Due to lockdowns, restrictions and social distancing requirements people have been staying home, avoiding public places, wearing masks and sanitising; which are all good and important, however as a result, the rate of people getting sick from viruses and germs that can be picked up when mingling with other people has dropped significantly. Not only that, the duration of the sickness tends to be longer too. Our immune systems have lost some of their ability to fight and we are not as galvanised as we used to be.

“Consequently, many people are very vulnerable and may become quite ill if they don’t take preventative action to sure up their health and wellness and support their immune system this summer.”

“It is very important that people take urgent action to support their immune system before they start mingling with lots of people and going out into the public arena regularly,” Dr Vincent added.

“When your immune system is unfit, it needs some training to get fit. While the flu this year has been at a record low, it can be a bad thing for our immune system because it means that we have had a few seasons, without the natural boost to our immunity that seasonal flu provides. There are risks that we will be more susceptible to the virus and other sicknesses in the future.

“During the pandemic, we have also been indulging in naughty food and haven’t been exercising as much. Those little steps to and from the cars, to the office, going out to lunch, from and to the train station, during lockdown we immediately lost those steps. On average people lost two-thirds of their daily step count during lockdown.

“A lot of us have been over-indulging in alcohol as well.”

Start boosting support for your immune system
“Before you jump into social gatherings, focus on adding more fresh fruit and vegetables to your diet. Add supplements that not only support your immune system but also reducing the inflammation in your body. Vitamins and activated phenolics are ideal. Add more steps to your daily routine to increase the level of physical activity you are undertaking. While the festive season usually involves drinking more alcohol, aim to keep consumption as low as possible as it damages your immune system. Increase water consumption and try and reduce or even eliminate fried foods, processed meats and sugary items from your diet,” Dr Vincent added.

Get more sleep and get outdoors
“Improving your sleep helps your body repair and restore itself,” Dr Vincent explained.

“Moving around outdoors also helps to improve the respiratory system. There is nothing better for your lungs and whole body than fresh air. It is exhilarating and also good for the immune system. Research shows that fresh air helps us to digest food more effectively, improves blood pressures and the heart rate and strengthens the immune system.”

Avoid being around people who are sick
“Make a conscious effort to avoid people who are unwell. While this can be difficult, if you need to wear a mask while in certain environments, do it,” Dr Vincent added.

“Keep sanitising. If you have the slightest feeling that you are becoming unwell, take additional action to help support your body to fight the illness. I have a term that I call REVOID. It means REST and AVOID getting sick. You can help your body to fight illness if you support it with rest and supplements.”

Dr Vincent believes many people will become very ill this summer due to an unfit immune system and it is crucial that people understand how important it is to support the immune system to help fight illness. 
“Many people die from the flu. Sadly, because of COVID we seem to have forgotten this. The last thing we need is to be hit by WINSUM syndrome.”

 Dr Vincent Candrawinata (Dr Vincent) is a respected clinical nutritionist, food scientist, antioxidant researcher and founder of Renovatio, producer of the world’s most potent dietary antioxidant range of products. Renovatio’s Activated Phenolic powder and tablets and APSKIN antioxidant face cream and body cream are sold nationally and overseas. The products are based on entirely natural

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