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When Should You Get The Professionals In?

DIY is all well and good, and it can save us a lot of money, but are there some jobs around the home that require specialist attention and a professional touch?

Carpet Cleaning: get the professionals in

Vacuuming the carpet isn’t enough, unfortunately. It’s a good place to start and helps to maintain your carpet’s appearance for longer. To get the most out of our carpets we should be getting them cleaned professionally too. This may sound like a big cost, but it costs more to replace carpets than maintaining them correctly.

The main culprits that cause carpet and other fabric to degrade over time are soil and grit. Mites and bacteria can also get to work destroying carpets if they aren’t cleaned regularly and thoroughly. Visible dust is only half the problem. Most of us, mistakenly, believe that is the carpet looks clean it is. In fact, harmful dirt is buried deeper within a carpet. Of course, vacuuming does help to keep carpets clean and hygienic but specialist equipment can go deeper. A professional carpet clean will do so much more than removing visible dirt. It will help your carpet to last longer, remove any stains, improve the appearance of old carpets, eliminate mites and bacteria, and deodorise.

Landscaping The Garden: get the professional in

There are tutorials and guides to landscaping online which are very helpful. For those with a passion or hobby for gardening, and ample time, it makes absolute sense to landscape your own garden. For the rest of us, you can’t really beat the years of expertise a botanical design company has. offers all of its clients an in-depth consultation to discover what you want out of your garden and how it can be achieved.  They’ll then get to work planning constructing and designing your dream garden for you. If you did want to landscape your own garden it’s best to start off small. Plant some flower beds and perhaps construct a path before going on to any bigger projects.

Assembling Furniture: DIY

It can be tempting to call a handyman to put together your furniture, but this isn’t necessary. If you’re buying flat-pack furniture, which is cheaper anyway, don’t waste your savings on getting someone else in. Not only can you save money by putting together your own furniture but it’s also something of a skill. Problem-solving and being pragmatic are key if you’re assembling your own furniture. These are skills which are valuable in other household chores too. Push yourself to assemble your own furniture and you’ll be a pro in no time. Next time there are some shelved which need putting up, the painting hung, or screws tightened you’ll feel more confident to take it on yourself.


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