Workout Legging Buying Guide: 8 Tips for Choosing the Best Pair

How often have you walked into a store only to feel overwhelmed at the selection of products? 

With the surge in workout clothing today, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when it comes to making a decision. In fact, the American sports apparel market generated over 181 billion dollars in revenue in 2020 alone. It’s safe to say that there have never been more choices when it comes to athletic wear. 

So, how are you supposed to make an informed decision when choosing something such as workout leggings? 

When it comes to such attire, there are plenty of factors to consider. This could be anything from what activity you’re partaking in to what the climate of the environment will be. 

If you’re looking to make the best choice when it comes to your workout leggings, this one’s for you. Were showcasing eight simple and effective tips that will help you to decide which leggings are right for your workout. 

1. Decide on Your Exercise or Activity 

First things first, let’s start by determining your exercise or activity. 

After all, different style leggings are designed for different activities. The style of leggings that you choose will allow your body to move without limitation throughout your exercise. 

For example, an activity such as biking will call for tight-fitting leggings that typically end mid-calf. This will prevent the leggings from getting tangled up in your pedals. 

2. Determine Your Go-To Material 

The material of your leggings is dependent on both your activity and your personal preference. 

If you’re running, boxing, or cycling, you may want to consider a compression style legging. This helps to support your muscles and keep them warm throughout the duration of your workout. In turn, this will help prevent injury and keep your workouts as free from disruption as possible.  

On the other hand, an activity such as yoga often calls for a material such as cotton. Remember, cotton is breathable and allows for a certain degree of stretch. With yoga, the ability to stretch and contort your body is absolutely crucial. 

3. Choose an Appropriate Length 

These days, leggings are available in all sorts of different lengths. 

For example, you can opt for a capris style legging that ends just below the knee. Or, you can choose a full-length legging that goes below your ankles. If you’re finding it really difficult to choose between the two, you can even opt for one that is perfectly in between these lengths. 

In most cases, your activity and the temperature will determine which length is best for you. For example, harsh weather conditions and outdoor exercise will typically call for a full-length legging. 

4. Consider Your Personal Sweat Levels 

Do you tend to sweat a lot while you exercise? 

If so, you’re going to want to opt for light and breathable fabrics. You’ll also want to consider workout leggings that incorporate wicking. This helps to “wick” the sweat away from your skin and encourage your body to remain dry and cool. 

It’s also important to consider that some activities and environments are more prone to sweat. For example, a hot yoga environment is all the more likely to increase your sweat production. With this, opting for a legging that has wick technology is always a good idea. 

5. Determine Your Climate 

When it comes to choosing your workout clothing, it’s essential to determine the climate of your environment. 

Will you be exercising indoors in a climate-controlled environment? Or, is your exercise limited to the great outdoors or a hot-yoga environment?

Predicting your environment beforehand is going to entitle you to choose the best material and cut possible for your leggings. 

6. Consider the Possibility of Moisture  

If you live in a wet environment, it’s only appropriate to consider water-resistant workout leggings. 

Let’s face it, running in the rain is just asking to catch a cold. It’s also all the more likely to result in the dreaded thigh chafing. To counteract these factors, it’s best to opt for a material that is water-resistant. 

In this scenario, avoid materials such as cotton. This material will hold onto moisture and fails to segregate it from your skin. 

7. Keep Your Safety in Mind 

Do you tend to exercise outside before the sun rises? 

If so, it’s absolutely crucial to consider the notion of safety when selecting your leggings. After all, it’s not always easy for cars to see runners or cyclists on the road when it’s dark outside. 

With this, it’s always a beneficial idea to opt for reflective workout leggings. This will better allow people to see you at night and keep you as safe as possible. These days, there are plenty of workout leggings that incorporate reflective technology. 

8. Decide on Your Personal Style

Last but not least, what’s your own personal style? 

Do you prefer to remain plain and timeless in your workout attire? If so, it’s best to opt for standard colors such as black, grey and blue. This will allow for a more timeless wardrobe that will serve your personal style for many years. 

On the other hand, you might prefer funky and unique workout attire. With this, why not opt for bright colors and patterns when choosing your workout leggings? 

Choosing the Best Workout Leggings 

If you eat, sleep and breathe fitness, you know firsthand just how important it is to have the right fitness attire. 

Not only is it going to make you feel great, but you’re also going to notice a significant difference in how your clothing responds to your workout. When it comes to workout leggings, the right pair will allow your body to freely move, minimize sweat, and keep your temperature regulated. 

Of course, there’s such a large degree of workout leggings available on the shelf today. In fact, activewear has recently represented 17 percent of the clothing attire industry sales. 

With this, it’s always helpful to know which leggings are going to suit your exercise and your environment the best. It’s officially time to look good and feel good when it comes to breaking your daily sweat. 

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