7 Myths About Motivation That Hold You Back


What is motivation and why do we need it?

Everyone had a situation when one morning you wake up highly motivated, willing to change your life. We are not even talking about big goals, but about something small and significant at the same time.

For example, you woke up with a strong decision to give up smoking. You definitely understand that this change is going to make your life better. Some time had passed and you visited a party. Your friends encouraged you to smoke a cigarette. “Only a small one cannot harm you”, – they said. And you agreed. Thus, your decision to give up smoking is broken. You can start all over again or give up. In fact, breaking of your promise to yourself was the result of the lack of motivation.

Motivation is a phenomenon that makes you move and act. It is the reason for you to keep going towards achieving your goals. Motivations are that very answer for you to wake up each morning.

Myth #1: Writing down your goals is a key to success

To cut a long story short, the main idea of this myth lies in the next fact: all the written down goals tend to come true quicker than abstract ones. The proof of this “rule” is Yale Class 1953. This story proved that all the written down goals of Yale graduates came true. A lot of people decided that this example is a perfect one to follow. From our point of view, it is true that you should not follow abstract goals. It is way better to know exactly what you need because in this case you can pick up the right tools to reach your goal.

On the other hand, it is not a key secret to your success. You should not rely on writing everything down and hoping for the best result. Not “writing” but “doing” makes you closer to your goals.

Myth #2: Receiving financial rewards helps you stay motivated

This myth is only partially truthful. We are talking about the situation when your job brings you nothing but salary. You do not like your duties, the colleagues are annoying, your boss is terrible as well, working hours are highly uncomfortable, but your salary is quite good. Probably, you are going to withstand this atmosphere because of good payments for some time. The first fortnight of your work experience will be bearable enough not to hand in your resignation. But the truth is that you are a human being, not a robot. Thus, soon your patience will be gone. We are sure that financial motivation can work for a short period of time. For the long-time perspective you should pick up some other tools to stay highly motivated.

Myth #3: Relying on your intelligence only

Clever people know that they are clever. We do not mean boastful individuals with nothing in their heads. We are talking about smart human beings who can think of themselves soberly. They know their price but usually these people tend to overestimate their intelligence. Your success does not always depend on your brain. A research conducted by Lewis Terman proved that the most clever people usually tend to live simple lives without anything to be admirable. Thus, take into account your motivation, do not overestimate your intelligence.

Myth #4: Relying on fear as a motivational tool

Threatening does work. It is an undeniable fact. On the other hand, the power of threat as a motivational tool is highly overestimated. You can stay being motivated by threat for a short period of time. For the long-time perspective it will never work. We can witness the interlink between this myth and the one based on financial motivation.

Myth #5: Relying on your inner gifts

It is generally believed that the one should develop him- or herself within the field of expertise where this person is talented enough. We agree, but to a certain extent. A lot of individuals are trying to achieve some great goals within their hobby that were found out as one of their skills powered by talent. These people think that the talent itself is more than enough to become a world known professional. We think that this rule can work only when your talent is an incredibly rare phenomenon that is not widespread all over the Earth. In this case, you might achieve great success.

On the other hand, if you want to become well-known being a singer, painter, dancer and so on you need to rely on your efforts more than on your talent. You should understand that you do have a lot of competitors. To achieve your success you need to be the best of the best. Thus, you should work hard and develop talent into something incredible and recognisable.

Myth #6: Relying on the right moment

One more motivational myth that is holding back a lot of individuals from achieving their goals is waiting for the right moment to come. It is a widespread mistake. You are feeling stuck in the stalemate. Instead of trying to find the solution to resolve your problem, you just stop moving and let things take their own course.

Myth #7: Vindication of your failures by the phrase: “At least I tried”

And again we are talking about those individuals who do not want to put the biggest efforts and give up too soon. Yes, it is good to try. But it is bad to give up after the first unsuccessful attempt. You should not become disappointed that soon. Can you imagine how many tries your favourite motivators and influencers have had? For instance, Joanne Rowling sent her masterpiece to 12 publishing houses until she got a positive response from one of them. At least this story should show you that achieving your goals is not about just one try and failure. Try to experience at least 12 of them, as Joanne Rowling did. Afterwards, we will officially allow you to vindicate the absence of your success by your numerous tries.

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