3 Warning Signs Your Mental Health Is Deteriorating

Mental health. Light at the end of the tunnel

According to statistics, one in five Australian adults experience a mental illness every year. About 45 per cent of Australian adults will be affected by mental illness at some time in their life. Anxiety, mood disorders (such as depression) and substance use disorders are the most common mental illnesses experienced by Australian adults. In fact, not only adults, these conditions can affect kids as well. 

The cause of deteriorating mental health could be anything, i.e., personal issues, family problems, trauma, or professional stress. 

But, sadly, most people neglect these conditions by labeling them “mood swings” and “bad behavior.” 

Not paying attention to the signs eventually affects the health condition. In worst-case scenarios, people opt for self-harm and, even further, to deal with the overwhelming emotions. 

YES! It is a harsh reality! 

Therefore, in this article, we are going to brief you about the warning signs of poor mental health. 

  • Changes In The Sleep Cycle

Good mental health and sleep are directly related. When a person is less stressed, they will not overthink. That means the mind will be calm, and it will improve the quality of sleep. On the other hand, sleep deprivation affects mood and quality of life. 

Therefore, if you or your loved ones are not getting 8 hours of sleep or suffering from insomnia, you should consult the doctor. Moreover, yoga and meditation can also help in uplifting the mood and providing better sleep. 

  • Sudden And Frequent Anxiety 

Feeling anxious before a presentation or during a large social gathering is normal. In fact, a little bit of anxiety is good as it encourages you to perform better. But, nothing in excess is good. Not knowing how to keep calm can turn stress into a panic attack, which is obviously not good. It is essential to not overlook these feelings and seek professional help. 

Also, it can be very terrifying to deal with on your own. Therefore, you must learn how to stop panic attack, especially if you are unaware of the symptoms. In fact, if it gets triggered unknowingly, you should get a diagnosis. 

The more knowledge you’ll get, the easier it will be to prevent panic attacks. Plus, knowledge and methods will also make you able to help somebody else in need. 

  • Dramatic Shifts In The Mood 

Mood swings are normal and can be due to heavy workload or prevailing circumstances in one’s life. However, it is a red flag if the mood shifts are sudden and without any specific cause. 

Also, mood swings affect the physical health of a person. It can lead to high blood pressure, inadequate diet, and hormone imbalance. Therefore, it is advised to learn the cause behind extreme emotions and try to work over it. If possible, you can also talk to your family and friends to improve your condition. 

The Bottom Line, 

These are some of the warning signs that you must pay attention to. Remember that the pain and suffering are not endless, but you are the one that needs to take action to safeguard yourself. Start working on yourself, eat well, exercise regularly, and think positive. All these things will help you or your loved one improve your mental health. 

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