4 Types Of Friend Every Mum Needs

With endless chores to do around the home, alongside the endless cycle of parenting duties, a mum’s life is a lonely and stressful one without a friend or two to ease the burden. Should you be a mum yourself, you don’t need us to remind you of this fact.

You need a support network of people around you; those friends who can help you fulfil your most basic of needs. You need friends like these.

1. The friend with children the same age as yours


This is the friend who understands what you are going through. This is the friend you can arrange playdates with. This is the friend who will work with you when you’re trying to keep your kids occupied during the holidays. This is the friend on the same journey as you, and for both supportive and practical reasons, their friendship will prove invaluable.

2. The friend who is a seasoned parent

This is the friend who talks the talk because they have walked the walk. They know how to deal with head lice. They know how to put on the best birthday parties. They know where to get the best deals on children’s clothes. They know the answers to most of your questions because they have been there before you. This friend is a fountain of knowledge and advice; perfect for those times when you don’t know what you’re doing!

3. The friend who knew you before you were a mum


Do you remember those years before you were a mum? Those halcyon days of fun and freedom, when you weren’t bogged down with feeding bottles and nappies. Those wonderful evenings when you were free to spend a night on the town, when you weren’t desperate to get as much sleep as possible because your kids have exhausted you during the day. This is the friend who will remind you of those days, and this is the friend to call upon when you need a break from mum duties. This is the friend who will give you the incentive to get back in touch with your makeup and nail polish supplier, as they will be able to complement the next friend on this list.

4. The friend who loves kids

This friend might have kids of their own, but that’s okay because they love parenting so much, that one more child in their house won’t matter. And by that, we mean your child, as this is the friend you can call upon when you need a childminder. Alternatively, this might be the friend who doesn’t have any kids, but who would love the opportunity to spend time with your little treasures and would happily spend a few hours on your sofa during the evening while you hit the town with your other friends. This is the friend you need on speed dial, because hey, you are more than just a mom! You deserve a break sometimes, and this is the friend who will help you do just that!

So, do you have these friends in your support network? If not, it might be worth your while looking through your contact list to find any who might reasonably fit the bill. You will be glad of both their friendship and support in your life. Remember too, that you might also take on the mantle of one of these friendship types yourself to support any other mums you might know. The more love and support you can give, the more you should receive in return.

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