Top Tips For Making Your Garden More Private

Whatever you do in your garden is your business but the chances are you would prefer not to have your neighbours looking at you when you are doing it! You may be into environmentally friendly gardening and enjoy tending your compost heap or you may just like to sit with a glass of wine. Whatever you want to do, you deserve the right to some privacy.

The problem is that very few urban gardens are private. You may be overlooked by gardens and houses on three sides or even more. If you would like a bit more privacy in your garden, here are some ideas.

Put up a fence

This is the quickest way of getting some instant privacy. A Long Fence vinyl fence is a stylish and cost-effective way of providing privacy and security to your outdoor space. There are plenty of options for you to choose from and the durable materials mean that you will have very little maintenance to do.

The fence can be put up within a day and all the relevant county and city codes and homeowner association restrictions will be taken account of.

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Plant a hedge

If you prefer something living to border your garden you may prefer to plant a hedge. There are plenty of shrub varieties so you can find one to suit every region. You could even mix up two different species to create a unique combination of shape and colour. You could mix a small shrub with a larger one with a different height, colour, and texture. With careful planting, you could create a beautiful mosaic effect.

If you would like to create a formal look, you will need to prune or shear the hedge regularly. A top tip is to ensure that the hedge is wider than the top. Some of the most popular varieties for hedges are Boxwood, Columnar Juniper and English Laurel.

Put up a pergola

If you have one particular area of the garden that you would prefer to be very private, a pergola is a great option. If you plant vines at the base of the pergola it will create a lovely private, shady area. This is a great place to put a bench or patio or even a children’s play area. It creates height and interest in any garden and is a real talking point.

If you are feeling very adventurous you can create different levels of privacy within the pergola area. Why not combine a simple vine-covered pergola with some lattice panels to screen off one particular area? In the summer, you can even hang sheets of fabric as outdoor curtains.

Create a berm

A berm is a miniature hill in the landscape which gives an area of privacy. They give you an elevated area on which to plant so that smaller plants are brought to eye level.

Berms have sloping sides and so they drain well and are perfect for rock garden plants. If you plant trees on a berm they will create a physical curtain between the garden and the street.

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