A Guide to Make Your Home Look Festive Yet Stylish


When Christmas is just around the corner, so close you can almost taste the mince pies, you begin to see all kinds of decorations inside and outside houses. You’ll usually find that there are a few different types of Christmas decorators around: those who don’t care what they use and will do anything to make their home look Christmassy. Then, those who want to keep their home looking classy and festive at the same time! This guide will help you to create the latter look in your home. Read on for some tips that really work!

Work the Monochrome Look

The monochrome look isn’t a look spotted very often at Christmas time, but it can help you to create a classy yet festive decor. If you don’t want too many Christmassy colours in your home, monochrome could be the right way to go. It goes with just about every other colour scheme and can make a statement if you’re having people over. It’s one of the newest and most modern ways to decorate for Christmas! You can pick a white tree and then decorate using black items, for instance. This sort of look will work well in a house that is already fairly modern in terms of decor. It’ll probably be different to anything you’ve tried before, but you’ll love it!

monchrome christmas decor

Stock Up on Stylish Items

There are Christmas decor items that look much more stylish in the home than other items. Feathers, pine cones, and anything fluffy can add texture and make any room look amazing. Metallic leaves can look awesome too, plus you can make them yourself! These items are more subtle in relation to Christmas, but they still add a festive feel.

Use Glass Decorations

Glass decorations look seriously stylish. One of the great things about them is that they can look far more expensive than they actually are too! They are neutral, so will go with anything. Use glass baubles, vases, and ornaments to decorate your home during the festive season. You can even find faux glass ornaments if you’re worried about breaking them! Be sure to watch pets and small children around your ornaments to avoid disaster!

Find Modern Wreaths

You don’t need to go with the bog standard green and red wreath. Wreaths are becoming more and more modern, so you can feel confident displaying them in your home. You can find wreaths made out of all kinds of alternative materials, from tinsel to geometric shapes. It all depends on the sort of look you want to create. Don’t forget, if you can’t find a style of wreath that you love, you always have the option to create your own. Christmas is a great time to get in the mood for DIY! 

Put Up Fairy/Icicle Lights

Fairy and icicle lights are the perfect way to make an ambience at Christmas time. You can put them anywhere; around beams in the home, the stairs, over the fireplace – just about anywhere you like. They look so stylish that many people have them up all through the year, and not just at Christmas time!

Pick a Colour Scheme That Suits You

Rather than choosing traditional Christmas colours, choose a scheme that suits you. Take a look at the colours that feature predominantly in your home, and then choose colours based on that. Your Christmas decor will look much classier and nothing will appear out of place! There are decorations out there to suit all colour schemes and tastes, so you’ll always find something. Having too many colours in the home, especially clashing colours, will stop your decor from looking classy. I usually go for a gold and white theme, as the colours go well together but they also look sophisticated.

Avoid Novelty Items

Although novelty items are just a little fun and can provide laughs in the run-up to Christmas, they don’t always look stylish. Some people might think that an electronic Santa that flashes his butt at you every so often is the height of sophistication, but generally, it doesn’t look great.

Keep it Simple

Don’t make it too complicated as you search for Christmas decorations. Having your home overrun with even the classiest of decorations can make it look tacky and too done up. Accessorise your home as you would yourself. Just enough to enhance it, not distract from it!

Get Creative

Don’t just use ribbons and baubles to decorate the tree. Use them to decorate other areas in the home too! You can hang baubles from the light fixtures along with pretty ribbons to add interest to a room. You can also use strips of tinsel just about anywhere to give it a Christmassy feel. Place lots of baubles in see-through vases rather than flowers. They make cheap and good looking centerpieces for the dinner table.

Incorporate Green with White

If you only use one ‘Christmas’ colour in your decor, make it green. Green is very versatile and natural and looks amazing against white. You can use it in the form of plants, vines, wreaths, and other Christmas decorations to keep a classy feel in your home. If you’d rather go for something more vibrant, then feel free to go for red. Pretty much any colour will pop when white is your base colour. Just beware of the mood colours can create. While green promotes tranquillity, red can promote urgency – not a great thing when you’re trying to make dinner for 10 people!

Hopefully, you’ll love these tips and they’ll help you to create the exact look you want in your home. Everybody has different tastes, especially when it comes to Christmas decor. Don’t be a scrooge – create a Christmas atmosphere in your home but keep it classy with this guide. If you have any tips of your own that you think will work a treat, let us know below.

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