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With autumn upon us, it usually means we choose less healthy takeaway options. Usually, we tend to stick to salads and summer fruits over the warmer months but you can still maintain a healthy lifestyle over the colder months.

Autumn seasonal vegetables and fruits are plentiful and delicious. Think apples, pumpkins and mushrooms, which are all produce you can use a million different ways and are incredibly healthy! Did you know, for example, that pumpkins and squashes can protect against cancer and mushrooms can ward off colds, flu, heart attacks and strokes?

 Of course, it’s not always easy to maintain a healthy lifestyle while on the run or you are short on time during a quick lunch break during the work week. However, there are great options around like SumoSalad.

SumoSalad has launched an all-new menu and healthy food lovers are invited, and urged, to create their own awesome autumn salad.

Sumo appreciates and loves the fact that everyone is unique in their ingredient likes, tastes and preferences, so it’s encouraging customers to become salad artists and create their very own nutritious and delicious signature salad.

“Today’s consumer is much more conscious and ingredient savvy. They know what’s good for them and they like to make their own, educated choices. Every Sumo customer is unique, they have their own personal preferences based on dietary requirements, ethical choices, health needs or simply their food likes—and loathes. Sumo’s autumn menu is about inspiring and empowering people to make healthy food choices. It offers a truly personalised eating experience,” says Sumo co-founder Luke Baylis.

Think you can make Australia’s tastiest salad? Then show Sumo how it’s done!

Design your signature MY SUMO salad and you could win $10,000 plus 1% of total sales* of your delicious creation. How fantastic is that?

Entry is easy. Just follow the steps and select what you would include in your ideas salad and you’re in for a chance to win. Either click the banner below or enter here. Good luck!

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