Boost Your Immune System In 5 Simple Steps

After the excitement of the holidays has passed many people find themselves feeling under the weather. The constant socialising, late nights and excess food can reap havoc with your body and makes it easier for germs to be passed around. These can form into cold and flu symptoms very quickly making you feel terrible. If your immune system is already weak, these common illnesses could turn into something much more severe. So to make sure your immune system stays in top condition follow these simple steps.

Ask for help

It’s is likely that you may not know the best course of action for improving your immune system. There is a huge variety of medications, supplements and food that all claim to benefit the immune system. So it’s best to seek help and advice from doctors and experts to ensure you are making the right choices.  

Get plenty of rest

While healthy eating and exercise are essential, sleeping is just as important to your general health. Sleep gives your body a chance to heal and re-energise itself which is good for all aspects of your health, including your immune system. Lack of sleep can deprive your body of the rest it requires to remain healthy, so you need to ensure you get a sufficient amount of sleep each night. It’s required that we all have a minimum of 8 hours per night. If you aren’t currently getting this, you may need to rethink your bedtime regime.

Get out in the sunshine

While we are usually told to stay in the shade, our bodies do require some sunlight to stay healthy. The vitamin D produced by the sun’s rays are brilliant for strengthening our immune systems and also improve our skin’s condition. Just being out in the sunshine for 15 minutes each day can boost our health and the quality of our immune systems. Just remember not to allow your skin to burn by always wearing a high factor sun cream and don’t spend excessive amounts of time in direct sunlight.

washing hands immune system germs

Wash your hands regularly

Germs can be passed easily if you don’t take the time to wash your hands regularly. Door handles, keyboards, phones and even your makeup can harbour bacteria and germs that can make you unwell. Make a habit out of washing your hands regularly, particularly while cooking and eating. Also use an antibacterial spray or wipes to keep the germs at bay from your phone, laptop and work equipment.

Exercise makes your immune system strong

It’s been noted that people who exercise regularly are less likely to get ill from common colds and flu. This is due to their exercising, which over time has strengthened and improved their immune systems. So enroll in a weekly exercise class or go for a run each day to get your heart pumping and reduce your chances of getting sick.

These simple steps will drastically improve your immune system in not time. Plus they will also make you fitter, stronger and a more motivated person all round.

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