Essential Additions For A Palatial Party Pad

If you enjoy entertaining, there’s nothing better than getting friends and family over, enjoying each other’s company, and having fun. If you like to host gatherings from time to time, you need a palatial party pad. Here are some tips to help you create an envy-inducing entertaining space.

Open plan living

There’s nothing more conducive to socialising and spending time together than an open plan living space. If you have an older house, you may have a series of smaller rooms, rather than a kitchen-diner. If this is the case, and you love to entertain, you have two choices. Firstly, you can convert one of the rooms into a formal dining room, which will provide the perfect setting for a sophisticated dinner party. Secondly, you can look into the option of opening smaller rooms up, and creating one, spacious room. To do this, you’ll need to get advice from building firms. In many cases, it is possible to knock through, but this is dependent on the structural layout of the property. If this is not possible, and you’re keen on the idea of expanding your kitchen, an extension could solve the problem, but there will obviously be a significant cost involved.

If you’ve got an open plan area, you can easily convert it into a suitable party space by adding a long table for dining and drinking and sectioning off a cosy area with sofas, chairs, and floor cushions. You can create different moods using lighting and make some playlists to suit the mood. Go for gentle background music while you’re eating and catching up, and then put the floor fillers on when you’re ready to enjoy a drink and a dance.

If you are toying with the idea of changing the layout of your home to make the space more versatile, do your research first. It’s beneficial to get some quotes and run through some different design ideas and concepts before you make a decision.


Guest accommodation

If you like having people to visit, it’s always useful to have somewhere where those who live far away can crash for the night. If you’ve got a study lying empty or a spare room filled with boxes, you can create a guest suite very simply without spending a lot of money. Chose a theme for the room, which matches the style of your home. If you’ve got a modern house, for example, go for contemporary decor and keep things simple. Opt for crisp white for the walls and add colour with printed cushion covers and curtains. Add some bedside tables and lamps, throw a blanket over the end of the bed and lay out a rug on the floor to add a cosy feel. Finally, hang a mirror on the wall, and fill the wardrobe with hangers. If you have people staying, you can make their guest experience extra special by providing a hamper with everything they need, such as slippers, miniature toiletries, and a card with the wifi password.

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Pool party

When it’s warm outside, there’s nothing more appealing than spending the day by the pool. If you don’t already have a swimming pool, and you’re desperate to add one, have a look around at styles and prices, and get in touch with local firms. If you do have a pool, make the area visually appealing by creating a terrace or patio and adding sun loungers, bean bags, side tables and parasols. If you’ve got a party coming up, spruce up the area with a few planters or potted trees, scatter some oversized lanterns around, and make sure the pool is clean. If you are lucky enough to have a pool in your garden, it’s essential to keep up with maintenance. If you neglect your cleaning responsibilities, you’ll end up with a pool that’s not fit for use, and hours of cleaning on your hands. You could arrange for a cleaning company to visit on a regular basis or investigate robotic cleaners. You’ll find helpful articles, like a review of the Dolphin Premiere cleaner online. Pool parties are a great opportunity to soak up the rays and enjoy some quality time together. Put some tunes on, fill the swimming pool with inflatables, and go to town with the decorating if you’ve got a theme. If it’s somebody’s birthday, for example, why not transport the crowd to the beaches of Hawaii and drape tropical floral wreaths, tie-dye fabrics, and coconuts from the fences? You can specify the dress code, and make up some exotic cocktails.

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Hot tub

If you don’t have space for a swimming pool or you’re keen to embrace outdoor living all year round, a hot tub is a great choice. You can choose from all kinds of styles and sizes, and there are options to suit all budgets. If you’re worried about the weather, you can invest in a canopy or choose a style that sits in a summer house, for example. If you’ve got a hot tub, and people are coming around for an al fresco gathering, make sure you follow the cleaning instructions and turn the tub on so that it’s ready for when your guests arrive.

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Drinking and eating

If you’re a fan of entertaining, and you love to spend time outdoors, there’s no better addition to your home than an outdoor dining and drinking area. You can create your own bar, or simply section off an area of decking or patio where you can fire up the barbeque and enjoy the views from the comfort of a sofa, an egg chair or some oversized floor cushions. Add a table and a parasol for the summer months. As the temperature drops, you can extend the time you can spend in the great outdoors by buying patio heaters.

Do you love to throw a party at home? Is yours the place everyone heads to on a sunny day or are you known for your culinary skills and amazing comfort food on a miserable winter’s evening? If so, there are some additions you may want to consider to make your home into a party pad. You don’t need to go crazy and try and create something you’d see on MTV Cribs, but making a few simple changes and some key purchases could make all the difference.

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