Help Modibodi Raise Money For the McGrath Foundtion

Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in women. In fact, one in three women will develop cancer in their lifetime. Scary, isn’t it.

In fact, 47 women are diagnosed with it each day and there is an increasing need for Breast Care Nurses in Australia who provide support to women dealing with breast cancer, with an expected 38% rise in demand for such nurses by 2020.

There is however, a 90% survival rate within the first five years of diagnosis, and this means there is hope. Obviously, early detection and diagnosis makes a huge difference.

Having lost my mother to secondary breast cancer and two of my close friends having stage four breast cancer, I can honestly say breast cancer is the most heinous disease with no boundaries for age, class or race.  Chemotherapy and radiation treatments aren’t the nicest things to go through and can leave many women sick for a long time afterwards.

Did you know around 30% of women diagnosed with breast cancer live outside a major city, making access to breast care nurses particularly troublesome. The breast care nurses were fantastic when Mum was diagnosed with breast cancer the first time. Giving Mum access to a breast care nurse in rural Victoria made a huge difference to her life at the at time. It’s nice to have support from a caring professional.

The McGrath Foundation employ Breast Care Nurses who provide support to women living with breast cancer to assist with their recovery and to increase breast health awareness. As the diagnosis increases, so does the demand for breast care nurses, and Modibodi wants to ensure all women across the country have equal access to this care.

Modibodi together with the McGrath Foundation are daring all women to Bare your Derriere and help raise money for breast cancer. This month, the two organisations want women to be brave, we are calling on women to purchases a pair of Modibodi Sensual Boyleg, Rose Pink, take a photo of a section of their bottom in their rose pink Modibodi underwear and post to their social pages with the message “I dared to bare my derriere for breast cancer’ #modibodi #bareyourderriere. In doing so, Modibodi will donate 100% of the profits to the McGrath Foundation.

For those who don’t want to showcase their fabulously empowering knickers on social media, for every person who purchases Modibodi’s Sensual Boyleg, Rose Pink during the month of February, Modibodi will still donate 15% of total sale directly to the McGrath Foundation.

Australian designed Modibodi™ underwear is a world first innovation in the fashion industry and is fusing form, function and fashion to make women’s underwear better! Founder and Director Kristy Chong launched Modibodi with their patented Modifier Technology ™underpants which were designed and developed in Australia.

The exclusive technology works to wick moisture away from the body, absorb the moisture to keep the wearer dry, and is stain resistant, leak resistant and antimicrobial to ensure the ultimate freshness. The garments look, fit and feel just like regular underwear.
Made from bamboo, the Sensual Boyleg is a hip hugging glamorous, comfortable, convenient and reliable way to ensure everyday protection. They are everyday undies, but with serious confidence boosting benefits and a touch of lace.

Fantastic for “that” time of the month (no more worrying about leakage!), exercising (no one wants a visible sweaty crutch on their leggings or yoga pants) or weak bladder issues (let’s face it, if you are a Mum this is quite common). Personally, I think Modibodi underwear is a lifesaver if you have had any of the issues I just mentioned.

To purchase your very own Modibodi Sensual Boyleg in Rose Pink and raise vital funds for the McGrath Foundation visit

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