Unexpected Guests? Avoid the Panic…

Last-minute visits to any home can be a cause for stress and panic. It’s like a measure of adulthood for some people is not having to do a clean before guests arrive, but for most it is the reality. You don’t want people to judge you for how you live, so we try to get it to a standard that we would find acceptable and hope for the best.

But what if you’re really limited on time and they’re due to arrive any minute…?

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Start at The Beginning

First impressions count for a lot, especially as you enter somebody’s home. Take a step into your house from the outside and see what the first things you notice are. Even if it’s as something as silly as a dusty doorframe, if you have spotted it then your guests could too. If it’s something that is making you feel uneasy then get it sorted if it isn’t something that you would like another person noticing.

Follow the Path

Think about what path you would take if you were a guest in your home. Don’t spend time on making your bedroom look pretty if you know that they won’t be venturing upstairs. Start at the front door and lead yourself to where you would be leading your guests. Make sure that you clean around everything that is in front of you from start to finish.

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Never Underestimate a Throw

Plumping up and adding cushions and throws to your sofas can really add a homely touch. As long as you have these set out nicely and in order, there shouldn’t be any need to do much more around your lounge area to make it look any tidier … unless the whole room needs going over.

Admit Defeat

If you genuinely don’t have the time to give your house a thorough clean before guests arrive, and you do a lot of entertaining and hosting, then you should try looking into a cleaning company like Domestic One to see what help you can get around the home. It may be that this makes all the difference in being able to come home, sit down and relax or coming home and doing a panic-clean that never quite works out to the standard you expect. There’s no use in getting stressed out if you have the money available to leave this work to somebody else.

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Pile the Clutter

Any stacks of books, magazines or mail can be neatly piled up quite quickly. Your guests don’t know that they’re not in order or needed sorting, and this is something that can be done when they leave. Most stuff that you regard as clutter, other people may not even notice; we all have our own different standards and expectations that we live by. With other clutter, find a hiding place for it if it cannot be sorted – just remember not to open the door to wherever you’ve stored it while your visitors are there … you don’t want it all falling back on top of you!


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