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Hamptons Style Guide


The Hamptons may be known as a luxury sea side resort outside of New York City, but the fashionable hamlet that attracts the rich and famous is perhaps better known in Australia for a far better reason: style.

This classic decorating style never goes out of fashion, offering a casual elegance with an updated, fresh timeless look that offers an inviting yet comforting living space.

In a way it embodies classic decorating with rustic influences.

You to can get the Hamptons Style in your house, from utilising some basic pieces of furniture, through to redecorating the whole house if you’re keen, if the budget can stretch that far.


Natural Light

Light is one of the core elements when looking to decorate in Hamptons Style. Windows or french doors that let in plenty of natural light help give the room a fresh, open air look that is typical in the beach front hamlets of the Hamptons area.  If you haven’t got a lot of natural light, look at a combination of down lights, and if the budget goes far enough, adding a skylight can work a treat.

Use Light Colours

Colour is probably one of the stand out sides of Hampton Style. Light colours add to a sense of breezy and natural. Wood flooring, particularly in lighter woods and tints, combined with a washed out feel deliver a sun-bleached look. Combine this with white or neutral coloured walls.

If new flooring is a stretch, look at rugs in key places that deliver similar colours; you’d be surprised how easy it is to lighten a room with well placed and coloured rugs, and they don’t have to be expensive rugs at all.

Upholstery, preferably linen, delivers a natural and casual look. Match it with lighter coloured wood furniture, and if you’re really keen, white wicker works well with the style as well.


Create a Style Balance

Although there are a lot of rustic elements in Hamptons Style, the key is to getting a balance using contemporary styles with rustic touches.

Retro kitchen cabinets, or touches of rustic furniture or floors is an ideal base. Combining these styles can deliver an ideal mix that doesn’t date.


Be Creative with Second Hand Finds

Unique and interesting furniture doesn’t have to cost a fortune, and you can find some great finds from garage sales and even your local Salvation Army store.

Even if the pieces aren’t in brilliant condition, a little tender loving care can bring an otherwise worn piece back to life.

You don’t have to be an expert at DIY either: if you can go to Bunnings and buy sandpaper and paint (and apply both) you’re on your way to creating something unique and pleasing.


Include Natural Elements

Natural elements bring a touch of the outdoors inside, giving any space a more calmed, relaxed feel.

Plants are the most obvious thing you can use for decorating, adding some colour to the decor. Plants also offer health benefits, purifying the air helping to create a fresher feeling to any space. Shells, pieces of wood, or even branches can also be included if done tastefully.

Our Hamptons style decor picks:

Clockwise from top: Focus on Furniture Hampton 2 seater sofa, Hamptons Style Chloe White Paned Round Mirror, Florabelle Orchid in Glass Bowl, Hampton Linen cushion, Hudson Furniture Hamptons Coffee Table, Early Settler Rose Bush Lamp and Zjoosh Maiella Throw.

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