Here’s Why You Are Not Sleeping Well!

Getting enough sleep is essential if you want to lead a happy and healthy life. But a lot of the time we struggle to get enough quality sleep. You could be going to bed earlier and still finding you are moving around in the night and feel exhausted the next day. Here’s why you are not sleeping well.


Too much on your mind

The biggest reason you may not be sleeping well is that you have too much going on in your mind. Stress can cause you not to be able to switch off and get your required amount of sleep. To ensure that you can get a better night’s sleep, it’s a good idea to think about what is bothering you and what you can do to resolve it. You may need to write it down so you can clear your mind. Or you may want to speak to a partner about your worries before trying to sleep again. Try and read before bed as this can take your mind off your stress as well.

stressed-tired-lack of sleepImage from flickr


Bad mattress

Another reason why you might not be sleeping well is that your mattress might need to be changed. It could be causing you to be uncomfortable which means you are waking up in the night to move around. You should consider how long you have had it, and whether or not it’s looking old and tatty. It might not be as firm as it used to be. You may want to look online on shops such as where you will be able to find a new mattress for your bed.


Too much light

You may be getting not enough sleep because there is too much light in the room you are sleeping in. You should ensure the curtains are shut before you head to bed. You might need to shut your door so that your room is completely dark when you are trying to sleep. If you work night shifts and are trying to sleep during the day, you may want to buy some blackout curtains to keep the room to stay dark.



The reason why you are not sleeping well may be down to distractions in your bedroom. You may want to get rid of your phone which might wake you up if it beeps in the night. With social media sites sending through notifications, we end up checking them meaning our sleep is disturbed. Keep all noise to a minimum so that you can get some quality sleep.


Bad pillows

You need to ensure that your pillows are of  good quality so that you can get a full night’s sleep. You may want to get them replaced if you feel they are less supportive than they used to be. If they are of bad quality, you can end up moving your head in the night. You will also end up waking up with bad neck ache and may end up with headaches.

Here are four of our favourite pillows:


From left: Cloud Support High and Firm pillow, EasyRest Microfibre pillow, Pure Care Latex memory foam pillow and Odyssey Living Latex standard pillow.



Uncomfortable clothes

Another reason why you’re not sleeping well could be down to what you are wearing. If you are getting too hot or cold at night, you should change your pajamas so you are more comfortable. Keep a glass of water beside your bed if you are feeling too warm.

Here is a mix of light weight and warm pyjamas to make sleep a lot easier for you:


From left: Homebodii Rosalina Long Pj & Cami Set, Sant and Able Hammonds Pink Pyjama Pants, Peter Alexander Garfield Pjs and Deshabille Raven PJ Set.

Hopefully by following the above, you can get a good night’s sleep.


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