How To Make Your Bedroom Into A Haven

It’s a funny thing, getting to sleep. We all want to make sure that we get at least 7 hours of sleep a night – but when life intervenes and gets in the way, sometimes it ends up that sleep takes a back seat to a whole host of other things. When you’re worrying about life and thinking about all the possible things that can go wrong with the world, you’re probably not spending the time in bed as productively (and by productive we mean sleeping) as possible. So how can you mitigate the possible risks associated with not getting a good night’s sleep? We can start by identifying some of the key things that can contribute to not getting a good night’s sleep, and then work out how to deal with them in the best possible way.

Factors contributing to a poor night’s sleep

Outside noise: When you are trying to get to sleep and there’s the noise of some construction going on right outside your home, or a thumping party making a real ruckus from a couple of doors down, you need to be able to manage it. With outside noise, it’s often something that comes and goes, and so you need to have a solution to managing the noise that is scaleable. The answer to this one? Earplugs. They’re so easy to get from your local chemist – or if your significant other or someone in the house works in the construction industry, you’ll probably be able to steal some from them! Either way, these foamy and fluorescent earplugs are just the thing for you when you need to be able to nap at your leisure and ignore the partying hoards.

Excess light: You might be a bit lazy with getting new curtains, or there might be an issue with your room where you just can’t get it dark enough, but whatever the issue for excess light, it’s very easy to deal with. The best possible way to manage excess light interfering with your sleep is to get yourself a great eye mask to cover over your peepers while you’re sleeping! A simple eye mask nicked from your latest overseas adventure will do the job just fine, and then make sure you keep it handy to cover your eyes. A handy addition to any hangover as well, you’ll find that the humble eye mask is going to change your (sleeping) life for the better.

Poor bed hygiene: This one is not pointing any fingers at anyone, but when you keep your bed nice and clean and free from mites and dust and dirt you’ll find that you have a better night’s sleep. A clean bed will ensure that your breathing is even and not conflicted by dust or anything like that. The easiest and most simple solution for a dirty or not well-maintained bed is to, you guessed it, wash your sheets and do it regularly! If you haven’t had nice sheets for a while and are still running on the set that your mum bought you before you moved out of home, then it might be time to swap those threadbare bad boys for some adult sheets. For grownups. Perhaps ones without Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on them. On that note, it doesn’t matter what you have on your sheets, provided they’re kept clean…

Bad Pillows/Mattress: Make sure that you have the best possible Australian made mattresses that money can buy for yourself, and you’ll find a better night’s sleep awaits you. A great pillow is also part of this equation, so don’t scrimp on the most important things and you’ll find that your sleep time is soon something you look forward to.


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  • Rebecca H

    I’m looking at changing the style of my bedroom. A great article with some really creative ideas ans suggestions.

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