How to Make Your Sex Experience Hotter?

Sex is an integral part of a relationship. It’s only natural that you want to wow, and be wowed. However, very often, people aren’t satisfied with their sex life – but that’s completely normal. Even if at the beginning everything was perfect, with time, sex can become less and less pleasing. 

Does it mean that it’s time to break up? Of course not! It simply means that it’s time to add a little bit of spice to your bedroom. There are plenty of ways in which you can do it, some simpler than others. Let’s dive in. 

Get Some Toys

Don’t be afraid to experiment with sex toys – after all, they are made for your pleasure. Although if you do feel uncomfortable with the thought of using them, just skip to the next section. Also, always talk to your partner about it because while you might be okay with using them, they might not be. 

Now, there are plenty of sex toys available on the market. We’ll tell you even more – the sex toy market is FLOURISHING. Gone are the days of only dildos and vibrators. Today, there are so many different types of sex toys, all in different colors, sizes, and stimulating different zones, that making a choice can quickly become overwhelming. 

And don’t get us started on sex dolls – they are so realistic, that one could mistake a sex doll for a real person. Just take a look – click here to visit Silicon Wives – and you’ll understand what we’re talking about. Needless to say – there is no shortage of options. 

Make Sex a Priority

With everyone living a fast-paced life and having a full schedule, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that sometimes, there’s simply no time to spend together – which definitely makes an impact on one’s sex life. However, it’s time to change that. 

Start prioritizing your relationship. Ask your partner when they are free, and, if you have to, mark it in the calendar. Organize a date, and once it is over, you can get to the good stuff. It might sound silly, but how do you expect to improve your sex life, if you don’t have time for it in the first place. 

Experiment and Do Something Different

Don’t hesitate to get out of your comfort zone – even if it’s just a little. If you and your partner always have sex in the same positions, try to switch it up a little. Always doing it missionary? Try doggy! Or maybe cowgirl, or reverse cowgirl will be more up your alley? There are plenty to discover – you can buy a Kamasutra book, and go page by page. It definitely won’t get boring. 

The place in which you are having sex is also important. So, if you always have sex in bed, try doing it somewhere else: on the stairs, on the kitchen counter, on the floor in the living room – just about anywhere! Just make sure that it doesn’t hurt you or your partner, because some surfaces can be pretty uncomfortable. 

Touch Each Other More Often

Not only will this help you get aroused and sexually charged up, but it will also help you bond with each other and develop an emotional connection. 

Using your hands can be very arousing – use them to caress each other’s bodies, massage your partner’s scalp, scratch lightly across their back, or play with their hair. And while this may seem repetitive, it’s important – a simple kiss here and there will do wonders for your relationship!

Talk about Sex with Your Partner

This is the most important thing you need to do. Don’t let your sex life die, and talk about it with your partner regularly! Don’t avoid this topic, or things will get worse. Talk about what you like and want, so that both of you end up satisfied. 

You shouldn’t be embarrassed to talk about sex with your partner – it shows that you care about each other and are willing to discuss things with them, which is always good for a relationship! Remember – communication is key.

Set the Mood

Sometimes, all you need to do to make your sex experience hotter is setting the mood. There are plenty of ways in which you can do it. 

For example, you can prepare some aphrodisiacs. Although there isn’t much scientific evidence to prove that they actually work, it wouldn’t hurt to try, would it? Besides, food will give you energy for what’s about to come (pun completely intended). Some of the most popular aphrodisiacs include: 

  • Champagne
  • Red wine
  • Strawberries
  • Chocolate
  • Whipped cream

Another thing you can do is turn on some music. Don’t know what to play? No problem! Trust us, as soon as you open YouTube or Spotify and type in ‘sensual music’ or ‘sexy music’ you’ll have plenty to choose from. 

The Bottom Line

While sex is not the most important part of every relationship, for plenty of couples it is quite imperative. And in the beginning, they usually don’t have anything to complain about. However, as time goes by, sex can become monotonous – especially if you choose the same position all the time. 

Thankfully, as you could see, there are plenty of ways in which you can make your sex life a little bit spicier. The most important thing that you should remember at all times, is that you should always communicate with your partner. After all, good sex is a team effort. 

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