How To Turn Your Culinary Skills Into A Second Income

Are you handy in the kitchen? If so, have you thought about making some money from your endeavours? It might be easier than you think. In today’s post, we’re going to take you through how to create a secondary income from your cooking skills. Read on if you are interested – and who knows where it could lead?



Create a menu

Like any restaurant, you’ll need a menu of products that you can sell. Try and think of a theme to use – perhaps it’s organic produce, or you only use raw ingredients for the paleo diet. Also, keep your product range to a minimum. It’s more important to concentrate on getting a few products perfect, rather than selling too much. Plus, it will keep your kitchen a much simpler place!


Contact local markets

Next, take a look around your area and find out who sells the type of food you create. Ask them if they are interested in your product, and give them some tasters. It’s vital to do this before you get started because there has to be an interest in your product before you spend time and money on it.


Start production

Once you have a few orders from market stalls, you can start your production. Don’t forget that when it comes to selling food, the packaging is just as important as the food itself. So, use packaging that suits your brand and personality. Home made jams, for example, can have a homely-looking label on a jar. If you are selling food that needs to be at a particular temperature, make sure you get some insulated boxes to keep everything nice and fresh. Also, don’t forget that you will have legal obligations to maintain a clean and tidy food preparation area. You can expect a visit from your local food authority, too.


Specialist food stores

Once you have had some success in your local market, you can start approaching more specialist shops. Try your local delis or health food stores if your product fits the bill. The key to getting a buyer is to use your sales figures from the market stalls. If you sell out every week, shout it out from the rooftops. Once you have your food in a smaller store, you might have a good shot at getting it into the supermarkets, too!


Local businesses

Don’t underestimate your local business offices, either. If your products are suitable for lunch, then contact them to see if you could start taking orders. It’s a great way to start getting a name for yourself, and if your food is good, word will soon get around. It’s regular business, too, which can lead to much greater things.



If you have a lot of success, you will need to think about moving your home business somewhere that you can meet demand. This is another story entirely, of course. Try this guide to get you on the right path.


OK, so think you have what it takes to make some money from your culinary skills? Don’t forget to send us a sample or two!


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