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Having a healthy lifestyle and diet can be hard for time poor busy Mums. Juggling work, kids, house and life in general can have a huge impact on what we cook for our families, especially when you are tired after a long day or having to fit in something to eat between work and running kids to sporting or other activities.
It might be tempting to go through a drive through or pop into the local take away store but in the long run, it isn’t worth the calories, fat and health issues caused by eating junk food.
Soups, salads, pastas with tomato-based sauces, stir fries, even slow cooker meals are easy and quick to prepare.
Cooking extra on the weekend and freezing it to reheat during the week is also a great idea. We do this with pasta sauces and casseroles. Roast meats can be used to add to meals such as salads or quiches.
 If you are short on ideas, The Healthy Mummy team have shared two popular recipes from their newly released cookbook, Healthy Kids Cookbook:
Fish  fingers  are  very  popular  with  children  and  an  easy  win  at  the  dinner  table.  The   problem  with  store-­‐bought  fish  fingers  is  they  are  often  high  in  sodium  and  can   contain  up  to  25  ingredients  –  in  this  homemade  recipe,  there  are  only  6.  Fish  is  a   good  source  of  protein,  which  is  important  for  growth,  and  is  also  a  good  source  of   omega  3  fatty  acids,  which  are  important  for  eye  and  brain  development,  and  have   anti-­‐inflammatory  properties  which  are  beneficial  for  immunity  and  heart  health.
1  egg
1⁄4  cup  milk
400g  white  fish,  cut  into  2cm-­‐thick  chunks  or  strips
1⁄2  cup  plain  flour
2  cups  breadcrumbs
Olive  oil  spray
METHOD   Preheat  oven  to  200°C.  Whisk  egg  and  milk  together.  Coat  fish  in  flour,  dip  in  the  egg   mixture,  then  roll  in  breadcrumbs.  Lay  on  a  lined  baking  tray  and  spray  with  oil.  Bake   for  15  minutes,  until  golden  and  cooked  through.
Of course, you need something for dessert or a sweet snack and these apple bites are perfectly healthy!
This  tasty  treat,  like  an  apple  pie  sandwich,  can  be  assembled  by  the  kids  as  a  fun   party  activity.  The  ingredients  used  to  make  it  are  lower  in  fat,  sugar  and  salt  than  a   traditional  apple  pie.
2  apples
20  basic  round  biscuits     10  tbsp  natural  yoghurt     Honey     Cinnamon
10  tbsp  natural  yoghurt     Honey     Cinnamon
Honey     Cinnamon
METHOD   Preheat  oven  to  180°C.  Peel  and  core  apples,  then  cut  into  5mm-­‐thick  slices.  Place   on  a  lined  baking  tray  and  bake  for  15  minutes.  Allow  to  cool  for  5  minutes.   Assemble  bites  by  layering  a  biscuit,  a  slice  of  apple,  a  spoonful  of  yoghurt,  a  drizzle   of  honey,  a  shake  of  cinnamon  and  another  biscuit  on  the  top.
 healthy kids cookbook

Fussy eaters? Or need some inspiration for lunch box winners and delicious dinners? Then look no further than The Healthy Mummy Healthy Kids Cookbook, featuring 68 healthy recipes little ones will love.

Each recipe has been designed and cooked by The Healthy Mummy Nutritionist – Mandy dos Santos and taste tested by real kids.

The Healthy Mummy Healthy Kids Cookbook includes:

  • 68 healthy recipes
  • Australian Dietary Guidelines
  • Tips for healthy eating habits and fussy eaters
  • Foods for baby
  • Breakfast ideas
  • Lunch-box food
  • Delicious dinners
  • Party time food


Using readily available ingredients from the local supermarket, each recipe can be cooked in around 30 minutes and have components where the kids can get involved, making mealtime enjoyable for all the family.

Available from for RRP $34.95.

The Healthy Mummy have kindly offered FIVE of their fantastic cookbooks to giveaway to Woman of Style and Substance readers. 

All you have to do to enter the competition is fill out the form below.

Entries are for Australian residents only. Competition closes at midnight Friday the 4th March 2016. T&C’s below.

Terms and conditions: The “Healthy Mummy cookbook” giveaway is a game of skill and the most creative entry will be deemed the winner. The competition opens Thursday 18th February 12PM EST and closes on Friday the 4th March at midnight EST. One entry per person. Australian entries only, sorry. There are 5 prizes to be won, with a total value of  over $175.00. Winner will be notified via email. All entries will be signed up to our newsletter upon entry, if you do not wish to sign up to our newsletter please let us know via email. Good luck!

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