Kids Moving Out of Home? 4 Essentials They Will Need!



Moving into your own home can be an exciting time. The kids are finally getting your own place away from their parents! But although it’s great, it can be a stressful time. They have to organise their money better and start cooking and cleaning for themselves! And not only do they have to pay the landlord and sort their bills, but they also need to have furniture in their new property. Now these are expensive, so here are four essentials they should buy first when moving into their first home.



If you want to be able to sleep when you move into your new property, you will need a bed! A lot of tenants tend to sleep on a mattress when they first start renting, but this can lead to  lack of sleep. Bad back and neck ache can also be caused if you are not sleeping correctly. If you can’t afford to go to the high street to get a new bed, you can check for second-hand beds which you could get cheaper at charity shops. Or even ask friends if they know anyone selling them. You should always get new sheets though to be hygienic!



When you move into a property, you need to be able to have somewhere to sit while you rest. The best way to do this is to buy a sofa. It will mean they will have space for them and their guests to sit down. Check out the high street and online to find sofas that will fit in your new home. You can get lots of different sizes and styles including smaller Sofas from LTS. If they can’t afford to buy one, ask around for anyone that has one that they don’t need. You can always hide any wear with a throw or some cushions.



Fridge Freezer

Eating is essential in your daily life and therefore when you move into your new home, you need a fridge freezer to hold all your groceries. Double check if there is one in the property you are renting, as the landlord will sometimes leave it there. It is expensive to buy a brand new fridge (around $850), although some stores allow you to pay a monthly amount instead of the whole payment in one go!




Unless they want all their clothes to end up living at the bottom of their bed (let’s be honest here, they usually do anyway), they will need to buy a wardrobe when they move into their new home. But a large wardrobe will cost a lot, and take up space so the best thing to do is for them to go through their clothes and decide what you want to get rid of. Doing this will free up space so they can get a smaller wardrobe. Sometimes you can get a wardrobe set which comes with a set of drawers and a bedside cabinet. Check out the retailers special offers to see what works best for you.


If they can’t afford to buy essentials, it might be worth looking into renting a furnished flat so that they can have everything already there to use.

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