Let the jumper wars begin


This morning was cold, wet, miserable and the start of term three for the boys. It was also twelve degrees C… yes, 12 degrees! As usual at this time of year, this is the conversation with Mr’s 12 and 9.

Me: “Put a jumper on please?”

Child 2: “But I’m not cold!”

Me: “It’s cold outside”

Child 2: ” I like the cold”

Me: “I don’t care if you like the cold, get a jumper on!”

Child 1: “I don’t like jumpers. They don’t look good on me!” (I swear to god this was said this morning!)

Me: “They look fine on you. You’re not missing school because you end up sick all the time like last year from not wearing a jumper!” (Ok, so that was a slight exaggeration but come on, cut me some slack here!)

Child 1: “I won’t get sick”

Child 2: “I won’t get sick either”

By this stage it was nearly 8.30 and we had to leave and my fuse had been well and truly lit.

Me: “Just put the jumper in your bag in case your teacher asks you put a jumper on!”.

There is probably a file in the school office regarding my parenting “Mr 12 did not have a jumper on at school today in the middle of winter”, “Mr 12 has come to school with butter sandwiches” (yes, he went through a stage of only wanting bread with butter on it!).  I really think they presume we are broke ass, white trash who can’t afford clothes or proper food for the kids. I’d hate to know what they think to be honest!

So that is our yearly winter fight over wearing school jumpers. We also have issues with the boys wearing hoodies, windcheaters and especially knits on the weekends.

coffee from god


I have compromised and the boys have to wear a Bonds singlet/ vest under a long sleeve tshirt during winter at home with jeans or trackies.

I think it could be a tactile thing with Mr 12 relating to his Aspergers. He also gets hot easily. So there may be a couple of reasons with him but there aren’t any reasons why the youngest won’t wear them though!

I will have my revenge for them driving me batty though. The boys are going to a private school next year where they have to wear a jumper and blazer and where they will get into trouble for not wearing the correct uniform if they don’t wear the correct seasonal uniform.

I don’t understand it. I’m wearing ten layers of clothing and still freezing and the boys will be wearing a tshirt and jeans!

Are your kids the same?  Does it drive you balmy with the constant fight to wear warm clothing?


2 thoughts on “Let the jumper wars begin

  1. Our house was the opposite this morning because I have not bought their school jumpers yet! Of course there was endless complaining that they where cold, as it was at least 24 degrees. Poor darlings, will probably get a sub tropical chill!

    1. haha I wish it was 24 degrees here this morning! It was freezing xx

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