Awaken Your Incredible

As regular readers will know, we here at Mummy of Style and Substance are very much into the power of positive thinking and tapping into your own personal power. You are the only person who can awaken your best self. Having said that, I am quite happy Weight Watchers have tapped into positive thinking with… Read More Awaken Your Incredible


The Muffin Top Blues

To be honest, I have been really slack with my Weight Watchers the last few months. I had the flu and a chest infection for nearly four weeks, which didn’t help.I am changing over to meetings instead of Weight Watchers online because I need the constant push and to be made accountable. With juggling the… Read More The Muffin Top Blues

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Mermaid or a whale?

I was perusing Facebook, as one does, and came across this fantastic post and had to share (which I have added below).  I must say that I am definitely a whale and quite proud of it. Which are you… a mermaid or a whale? A while back, at the entrance of a gym, there was a picture… Read More Mermaid or a whale?