Waving Goodbye To Those Extra Kilos Through Fun

It’s common knowledge that many of us are carrying around a few extra pounds. The problem is getting rid of the weight that we don’t want. Unfortunately, the most successful way of losing weight is through healthy diet and exercise. Luckily, there are ways to wave goodbye to those extra pounds through fun!

Getting the whole family involved in changing your lifestyle can be fun. Choosing and trying out new and healthier recipes will get the kids interested in doing it too. Creating colourful and tasty looking dishes will leave you drooling and most importantly, enjoying the new food that you’re eating. Making it into a competition to see who can eat the healthiest, or who is the most successful at giving up their naughty food (or drink) will encourage all of those involved to stick to the plan.


Visiting swimming pools will encourage fun and exercise at the same time. The brilliant thing about swimming, is that you don’t really realise you’re exercising because the water supports all of joints while doing so. You may feel slightly out of breath, but that’s often through the fun that you can have in a pool too. Again, you could make it into a game by challenging your friends and family (or whoever you choose go with) at who can swim lengths the fastest. Swimming aerobics are a fantastic way of keeping your joints limber and losing weight. As mentioned earlier, you don’t realise you’re doing any exercise because the water supports your body weight, and strengthens all aspects of your body.


Joining a team to play a friendly game of sports with your friends is also another way of dropping pounds while having fun. You will feel like you have done the exercise, but you will have had fun, and possibly increased your skills in a sport that you love. Sports like rounders, football, basketball and netball are great examples of exercise sports that are very enjoyable. Exercising also releases endorphins which make you feel good and generally improve overall mood.

Challenging your colleagues while at work can be fun. It’s common to hear of an office of people deciding to help each other lose weight. If this is the case for your office, why not suggest a forfeit for those who slip off the wagon, or the person who loses the least that week? It will encourage people to try harder at losing weight and create some fun within the workplace too! A forfeit like having to do the worst job within the office would be a good idea. To encourage further weight loss, your forfeit could be a jog around your building wearing something silly. There are so many ways of making it fun, just make sure the punishments don’t go too far.

Why don’t you have a go at these weight loss ideas, and see for yourself how much fun you can have dropping those extra pounds. Remember, drinking lots of water will flush any bad toxins out of the system and promotes weight loss. Good luck with your lifestyle change!

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