Take Your Fitness Up A Gear By Getting Into Cycling

Are you still struggling to find a sport that you like? Cycling might be the answer! In recent years, it has become extremely popular. More so after everyone got behind professional cyclists such as Bradley Wiggins and Andrew Talansky. Road racing is now as popular to watch on TV as it is to take part in. So there is no wonder that many bike shops are recording record jumps in sales.


There are many reasons why everyone is being won over by this fantastic sport. First of all, it is a great workout. Whether you want to race along the road or go mountain biking through the forest, your heart will certainly be racing at the end. And it is fairly cheap too! Sure, buying all the initial equipment can set you back slightly. But once you have everything you need, you won’t need to replace it for a while. Road racing is also a great way to get out into your local surroundings and explore the countryside!


So ladies, are you ready to get on your bike? Here is everything you need to know about getting into cycling!


Which Type Of Bike?

Firstly, you need to decide which bike is going to suit you better. Mountain bikes are perfect for going off-road, and will be suitable for rugged terrain. Road bicycles are made for road racing, and going at high speeds on smooth surfaces. However, if you just want to get started by cycling to and from work, you might be better off with a commuter bike. These are basic models that are easy to ride, and simply designed to get you from A to B. You will also find that these are the cheapest to buy.


Budget For More

So you know you can afford a bike. But how about all the other gear that you’ll need? Unfortunately, the other gear isn’t optional. It is very important that you buy the correct helmet and clothing. Especially if you are planning on doing more than just biking to work. You need all this specialist clothing to protect you in the case of an accident. And don’t forget, it is also worth investing in a tyre pump and water bottle!


Get A Bike That Fits

If your bike doesn’t fit properly, you won’t be able to ride it very well. This could put yourself and other road users at risk. If the bike is too small, you will find it very uncomfortable and difficult to peddle correctly. Too big, and you could spend most of your cycling trying not to wobble off! So you need to get the correct size bike. No matter whether you are getting an entry-level bicycle or a professional road bike. When you are browsing in the shop, ask a sales assistant to help you find the best bike for you, using a road bike size chart. They will know exactly what to look for. The saddle and handlebar need to be positioned according to your height. This will help you reach the pedals and handles easily. Some shops have certified fitters who can take your measurements and swap parts of a bike if necessary. But remember, this extra service will usually cost you.


Test A Few Different Models

No bike is made equally, so you will have to test a few different models before you buy one. Think of it like buying a house or a car. You wouldn’t buy the first house you viewed, would you? Ask the sales assistant if you are able to take a couple of bikes for a spin around the block. Some will be happy for you to do so. However, many will only let you bike around the limited space in the store. But this should still be enough to give you a feel for the bike. If a model feels too clunky when you are riding it, it’s best to leave that one on the shelf!

Join A Cycling Group

If you are completely new to mountain biking or road racing, it is a good idea to join a cycling group. These kinds of groups are open to all different levels of biking expertise, from complete novices to experts. They will be a great source of knowledge for all things cycling! Not only that, though, but it will provide you with a great community of cyclists who you can go out on rides with. They will know all the best cycling routes around your town. Once you get a bit more skilled on your bike, you could even enter your club’s competitions and races!




Set Cycling Goals

Once you are competent on your new bike, it is time to get serious about your fitness! The only way to improve both your cycling and your fitness is to set yourself goals. Start off by setting distance goals at first. So you’ve just biked 10 kilometers? That’s great; try and get to 20 kilometers before the end of the month! Once you build up your distance, see if you can increase your speed. When you do set goals, remember that they should be realistic and achievable. If they are not, you could end up becoming frustrated with not achieving anything. If things get very frustrating, you may even end up quitting cycling for good!

Consider Your Safety

It is important to understand that accidents do happen when people are out cycling. No one is immune to this! So be sure to take your own safety very seriously. Wearing the correct gear is the first step, including a helmet and protective clothing. There are also certain road rules that you should follow. This is because you will be on the road with other road users. These rules and regulations are in place to keep you and everyone around you safe. It is also crucial to ride so that car drivers will always see you. When you are cycling at night, you should have working lights on your bike. It is also worth wearing some high visibility clothing. If you do end up having an accident, don’t forget that you may be able to claim compensation. As long as the accident wasn’t your fault, of course. You can always get more information about this by speaking to UK Claim Lawyers.


Enter Races And Competitions

I’ve already mentioned that you may be able to enter your cycling club’s races and competitions. Once you have a few of these under your belt, you should also consider entering some bigger events. These are great experiences, and many cyclists use them as a way to raise money for charity. Sometimes, bicycle clubs will enter as a group. That way, you will have a few teammates to enjoy the race with. This will be great for motivation and support! You will find these events for both road racing and mountain biking. You never know; you might do extremely well and be spotted by a cycling talent scout! And then who knows where you may end up! Maybe in the velodrome in one of the coming Olympic Games?!

As you can see, there is a fair bit of preparation that goes into cycling. But once you are ready with your bike and gear, you will find that there is no other sport quite like it. You will have the open road right before you, and you will be able to shoot off anywhere you like! And your fitness levels will also appreciate this new sport as well! So what are you waiting for? Time to get on your bike!


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